I Am a Gun Owner

D is Always Here

See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.


  1. avatar SnJohnson says:

    Thanks for showing support, but how are you a dad to 3 kids twice? Do you have 3 kids and 3 step kids? It’s also nice we have the physical embodiment of hip hop with us. Just joking, thanks for the support.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      Um, twins?

  2. avatar Buell301 says:

    Welcome. Give me Inspectah Deck, Common and Binary Star FTW.

    1. avatar g says:

      +1 For mentioning Binary Star… saw those cats live back in my college days!

  3. avatar Swobard says:

    I appreciate each of these individuals for standing up for the 2nd A! Thank you!

  4. avatar g says:

    Thanks “D is Always Here”! Glad to have another responsible gun owner who’s also a hip-hop head…

  5. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    I can dig Hip Hop D. This old fu.ckin white guy can really get down, well..not really. I do love to dance though, its a great time tearing up the floor with the ladies at the nightclub. Heavy D is no longer with us, I’m glad you are here, Randy

  6. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    Strength, to you and yours.

  7. avatar right_on says:

    Rock on D,

    glad you’re always here!

  8. avatar schizuki says:

    Congrats on getting back on your feet!

  9. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    Good on ya, D. Coincidentally, I’ve been listening to a lot of Tech N9ne lately.

  10. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

    Welcome friend!!

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