I Am A Gun Owner

Andy in California

See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    Welcome Andy. I too am an avid reader. There are much worse ways to spend your down time.

  2. avatar g says:

    “I love my country even when it demonizes me.” That’s some real love, right there.

    Thanks for speaking out, Andy!

    1. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

      Here here!

  3. avatar The Smiling Swordsman says:

    Reading and shooting are two of my favorite hobbies.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:


      Thank you Andy

  4. avatar BlinkyPete says:

    Ermagerd… he used yellow paper! That’s treason!

    Bad joke… great guy for posting his pic.

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      Is this an example of that “yellow journalism” I keep hearing about?

    2. avatar SilentSecessionist says:

      It’s Gadsden paper!

  5. avatar MisterTurbo says:

    Looks like this was attempt #2.

    1. avatar SilentSecessionist says:

      I ended up running out of room on “demonizes” and it looked retarded. good eye 😉

  6. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Good to have you here Andy, it would be tough for the brady’s to trash you, except for that readin part, Randy

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