Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Nary a Shot Fired Edition

“I felt threatened, and I feel like if he would have stepped a foot in, I would have shot him.” That’s what Pam Loman of Shawnee, OK had to say after an unidentified man booted in her front door on Friday. He kept knocking, harder and harder. As she told, “So my instinct was to go get a gun. I don’t know why, I never in my life felt like I needed to go get a gun.” But after kicking in her door, he saw her standing there with a .32 aimed at his chest. “And he saw that I had the gun, and he grabbed the door handle and pulled the door shut.” That’s when he took off with his two accomplices. Just another defensive gun use, one that didn’t require a shot to be fired. Statistically, it’s one of hundreds that happen every single day. Fortunately, Mrs. Loman doesn’t live in a state that’s taking steps to make her depend on the local police to be there the next time someone decides to invade her home on a Friday afternoon.


  1. avatar BobtheGrape says:

    Great work, Mrs. Loman, however, you should have shot the SOB.

    1. avatar Ivy Mike says:

      She used the least amount of force necessary to effect her safety. It’s all good, and she won’t suffer the possible psychological trauma* that can accompany even a justifiable homicide.

      * see Massad Ayoob’s “In The Gravest Extreme”

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Damn, i hate to agree with IM. But on this score he’s saying what I believe. Deadly force should be only as a last resort. I have put my sights on another human being and it’s a sphincter clinching moment.

        1. avatar CR Cobb says:

          “An armed society is a polite society” – not a Darwinian society.

  2. avatar JoshinGA says:

    But, according to MikeB#s this happens so rarely it might as well be a unicorn sighting. No way the news could have reported a story where a gun was used defensively without a shot being fired.

    1. avatar Roll says:

      According to the gun grabbers, she is supposed to be a victim

  3. avatar William says:

    Mikey Numbers isn’t merely stupid. Might not be stupid at all. What he is, is an agitator, and he’s managed to agitate a lot of us. Me included. But we’ll get used to it, ignore him, and he’ll slink away to wherever they send him next.

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