New From Magpul: Minigun Microbus

I like Magpul. They’ve got an attitude, and this (sadly not for sale) up-armed Blitzwagen puts it right out front and up top.

If there were more cars like this in Boulder, I might move back.


  1. avatar In Memphis says:

    The EM-50s little brother?

  2. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    Swap the VW engine for a 250hp race-spec Porsche 914 engine and you’ve got something there…

  3. avatar Paul W. says:

    That’s what the Scooby Doo van needed!

  4. avatar Ross says:

    Outstanding, my kind of “short bus”

  5. avatar g says:

    Yes it’s got a minigun, but a proud WA state resident, I gotta ask… how many coffee cup holders does it have?

  6. avatar Aharon says:

    Looks like something the Oregon hippies might use to transport their marijuana.

  7. avatar rusty dingle says:

    ive never wanted a van so bad in my life. its a hippie wagon too, Lord help me.

  8. avatar Jan says:

    now searching craigslist for vw vans….

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