Montana Rifle Company: $1,000 And Up, 100% American-Made

Montana’s Flathead valley has become a beehive of custom gunsmiths and small manufacturers. The Montana Rifle Company builds custom rifles on its own Mauser based actions, in calibers from .243 to .505 Gibbs.

This gargantuan .505 Gibbs rifle is actually $2300, but most Montana Rifle Company rifles are priced between $1,000 and $1,300. Founder Keith Sipe (pictured) claims that the recoil isn’t too bad, but you’ll have to take his word for that. As lovely as it is, I’m certainly not testing that thing.

For the tactically minded, their .338 Lapua MTR (‘Montana Tactical Rifle’) is a much-spendier $3200.



  1. avatar Aharon says:

    They’re selling a Princess Pink rifle for $3,000. Think I’m gonna go puke a bit. BRB.

    1. avatar mountocean says:

      I think that’s a black stock reflecting red light from the table. But my initial reaction was also to recoil.

      1. avatar ALH says:

        Nah, go to their website. They have a model with a pink stock called the “Princess Pink”. It isn’t in the photos on this post.

        1. avatar mountocean says:

          I stand corrected.
          Shrink it and pink it, the highest social cost of free market capitalism.

        2. avatar Aharon says:

          $3,000 probably about the hourly price for the most expensive call girl in Las Vegas.

  2. avatar Mark says:

    Rifle calibers over a certain size work better when fired from a vehicle mount.

  3. avatar Mehul Kamdar says:

    Shouldn’t there be a TTAG review of a Montana big bore? You did a nice review of the Gunwerks long range hunting system. This is more traditional and it would be nice to get your take on it. Just saying . . . 🙂

  4. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Most of those classic big-bore rifle cartridges are never fired from the bench against your shoulder. If you’re shooting from the bench, you use a sled to hold the gun.

    When hunting, they’re shot from a standing off-hand position only.

  5. avatar Forrest says:

    Cool, I dig the mauser action. It’s too bad the only bluing they offer is matte. The rifles with the nice walnut stocks could benefit from a nice, high luster blue.

  6. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Joe Grine and I benchrested a .375 H&H a few years ago. It gave us very large cloverleafs at 50 yards (big bullets make big clovers) but it gave me a bloody nose.

  7. What’s wrong with a pink gun? It shoots just as well as a black one.

    Ann Barnhardt poses with her pink AR-15. And if you don’t know who she is, you ought to be following her blog. You’re missing something.

  8. avatar Sam says:

    These things are junk. Go read REAL peoples reviews

  9. Bought a mid price Montanna rifle a few years ago in a .280 which isn’t well known here in Northeast Georgia, very glad I did, it’s a very well made rifle. I have a few that has been built here in our area but Montana arms stands ahead of them all with quality. Seems we don’t like change here in the South and have held strong to our 30.30 s, .270s , and 30.06s , Montana Arms could help us in changing our mines,,,,Thank You

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