What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Suck UK Shot Gun Flask Edition

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s sloppy puns. No, not the nightclub singer from the ’40’s. Puns that don’t quite work. I mean, c’mon. It’s not a shotgun. It’s a handgun 0n a hip flask. Which sounds kinda cool. Handgun hip flask. On the other hand (gun), drinking from this receptacle makes it look like you’re eating your pistol, which is more than slightly unsettling. Hey, at least it’s not cocked and locked. Click here to buy the Suck UK classic 4-ounce flask from Amazon for $11.39. Or not. [h/t Otakuguy77]


  1. avatar jwm says:

    I don’t think what’s on the outside of the flask is any where near as important as what’s on the inside.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      Whew! Yeah. Pulling out that Maxam in the right spot would get you shot.

  2. avatar Rob says:

    These things always remind me of Frank in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia trying to perfect a shot for the bar that would shoot out of a shotgun.

  3. avatar Derek says:

    Am I an alcoholic if the first thing I thought was “4 ounces? WTF am I going to do with 4 ounces?” lol.

    But seriously, that’s not even a pre-game. That’s like… the stretching before the warm-up 😈

      1. avatar Paul W says:

        depends on what you put in it…

        4 oz of everclear, yeah you’re an alkie.

        1. avatar Derek says:

          Man. I must need help lol. 4 oz of clear in 12 oz of orange juice is like a casual, relaxed evening, drink for me.

    1. avatar mountocean says:

      I guess it’s a deep concealment backup flask. They should have used a snub .38 or PPK instead of the service pistol I can’t ID.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        It looks like a desert eagle.

  4. avatar Lance says:

    Thats a pistol not a shotgun!

  5. avatar In Memphis says:

    It vaugley reminds me of a video I saw of a US soldiers in Vietnam, smoking weed from a pump action shotgun. Weed in the breech, lips on the barrel.

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