FPS Russia Gets Crafty, Wears Eye Protection. Or Something Like That . . .



  1. avatar GS650G says:

    Gonna put someone’s eye out with that thing.

    1. avatar James St. John says:

      Not with the saftey glasses on! 😉

  2. avatar John Arizona says:

    Is it LEGAL in NY or Chicago ?

  3. avatar shawmutt says:

    That’s not FPS Russia…

    1. avatar C. Walther says:

      …and that’s the punchline.

  4. avatar g says:

    Reminds me of making “switchblades” with popsicle sticks and clothespins as a kid. Loads of fun.

    Sadly (or maybe it’s because no one hangs their clothes to dry anymore?) I went to the store to look for a big pack of clothespins to buy for an art project for my church kids. Turns out, the darn things are hard to find…

  5. avatar Renee says:

    Is it on the California Safe Gun list?
    Probably not, you won’t be able to have it on a Airplane.

  6. avatar Lance says:

    Killer assault toothpicks!!!

    Obama must be outraged.

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