Video: TrackingPoint Trailer

We’ve already had our hands on this system and tested it out, as you can read in our TrackingPoint article. But since they just released a new and quite frankly awesome video, I figured it was worth a post. Plus, it’s always good to greet the New Year with a little gun porn.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    I understand all the targets on that video with one exception. Do people hunt Ostriche? Just curious. I support a persons right to hunt. I don’t, but that’s my choice.

    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      Well Ostriches are farmed, and quite tasty actually.
      Not sure about wild ones though..

  2. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Gun porn is good porn!!!
    I had to watch it a couple of times!! 🙂

  3. avatar ken says:

    I like, how much?

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      You can either buy one of these, or a Honda Civic.

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        Or buy one of these and use it to obtain a Honda Civic for free? Then sell the Civic for another one of these.

        I should have gone to business or law school

  4. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

    Can you send and receive email on this thing? If it’s slow and there’s no animals in sight, does this thing have solitaire or tetris on it?

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      Haha, FTW!

  5. avatar APBTFan says:

    So much for skill or challenge.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      Not our fault other species can evolve as fast as us. Maybe we need to stop hoping for zombies and start hoping for aliens?

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Aliens would at least indicate intelligent life somewhere in the universe. I’m losing hope for any here.

        Let me clarify that. On this planet, not this site.

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