Interview with TX Concealed Carry School District Principal

Bill Frady of Gun Owners of America Radio interviewed David Thweatt, superintendent of Wilbarger County Texas where teachers are permitted to voluntarily carry concealed firearms. Available on the TTAG Podcast as well as above for those of you who are so inclined.


  1. avatar Evan says:

    Oh no! Think of the children!

  2. avatar Bob says:

    Here’s a Fox News article on the school district’s policy.

    1. avatar Lance says:

      Another Fox news article shows any AWB is a waste of time and shows it has at best a dim chance of passing.

      1. avatar Mashashin says:

        Well lets hope they are right for a change

  3. avatar gej says:

    While they are screeching and clutching their pearls over teachers and cops (which was Bill Clinton’s idea anyway) with pistols, they seem to be OK with National Guard troops with M-16s and M-4s. Or at least, they are OK with it when Barbara Boxer introduces it.,0,7530900.story

    1. avatar guzzimike says:

      From the link: “Boxer also introduced the School Safety Enhancement Act, which would increase funding for a federal grants program, from $30 million to $50 million, to help fund school security measures, such as installation of metal detectors and surveillance cameras.”

      Assuming 100,000 schools, that “generous” $50M is a grand total of $500 PER SCHOOL! $500 wouldn’t buy you half a day of any sort of consultant to come and look @ your school security, forget about paying for metal detectors, security camera or anything else.

  4. avatar Loyd says:

    Where do I go to listen to Bill Frady regularly? My google-fu is failing me.

    1. avatar Bill Frady says:

      You can catch me at or on Stitcher Radio, by searching for Gunowners of America Radio. 31st of December the show is getting picked up by IRN Radio Network and will be carried under the name Lock N Load with Bill Frady.

      1. avatar Loyd says:

        Thanks Bill! I’ve always enjoyed your chats with Farago. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying your show regularly now.

  5. avatar Javier says:

    I love this plan , this is what we need nation wide a real solution !!! I live in Florida but would move to Texas in a heart beat if this was sate wide !!! Texas rocks !!!!

  6. avatar g says:

    Mr. Thweatt was very intelligent and articulate about the reasons why more schools should consider having some teachers concealed carry. I wish more folks I work with in school would consider his way of thinking.

    Props to TTAG for posting this up!

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