Syrian Rebels’ Home Brewed Tank Rolls Toward the Capital

The latest chatter in and around the Syrian civil war is that ruling strongman Bashar al-Assad may be coming to the realization that an exit for himself and his family will be his best option given current trends. And the U.K.’s PM appears willing to help him GTFO. Rebels are reportedly getting closer to Damascus, the capitol. One of the reasons for the otherwise outgunned resistance’s success (we’re guessing big jury-rigged sling shots didn’t do much to deter Assad’s regular army types) seems to be their resourcefulness in battling a better equipped state military. Check out this garage-built tank they’ve cobbled together. With mad welding skillz and determination like that, Assad probably never stood a chance.


  1. avatar Jim March says:

    Too bad the guy who built the “Colorado Killdozer” isn’t still around. He could teach ’em a thing or two.

  2. avatar Aharon says:

    It is only a matter of time before an Islamic Caliphate re-unites the Islamic world.

    1. avatar g says:

      Doubtful. Shia and Sunni divisions remain deep, not to mention various ethnic and national rivalries. The only think keeping a lid on open hostilities are a mutual hate of Israel and the US.

  3. avatar mdc says:

    Reminds me of the Italins with there little Fiat tanks against the Germans.

  4. avatar C says:

    ….was that gun aimed with a damn play station controller? that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    armor seems a little thin though.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Real armor is made in specialist factories. In a garage workshop you cobble together sheet metal. Probably won’t stop much more than 7.62. I would not want to be riding around in it in a combat zone.

    2. avatar matt says:

      I’m guessing its not real armor too, just normal steel plates. I question wether or not it would even protect against full sized non-AP cartridges if you shot the sides of it.

      1. avatar Adam says:

        The Rolled Homogenous Armour used on tanks and whatnot is actually similar to the ‘wear plate’ digger buckets are made of. 3/16″ of it will stop non-AP 7.62×39 rounds. And some Middle Easterners use nylon carpets as spall liners.

  5. avatar Lance says:

    No the rebels are Al Qeada Islamist and two President Obama has been back them so that why they might win its far too early to say its over. And it no surprise these rebals are just as anti western and militant Islam as they can get.

    Your right Aharon thanks to Barack Obama the bad guys get even more power and weapons and more Jews and Christians are at risk of death thanks you idots who elected him.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      Actually Bashar Al-Assad (the one they’re getting rid of) supports lots of terrorist groups like Hezbollah that pose a pretty big threat to Israel. He also killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians when the civil war was still just peaceful protests against his oppressive regime. They have every right to overthrow that son of a bitch and there’s really no signs that he’ll be replaced by radical Islamists. There is however one small group of rebels in Syria that the president completely cut help from recently because they might be aligned with al qaeda.

  6. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Impressive for a home built.

    I would not want to be in it when an RPG with a shaped charge hits it, though.

  7. avatar إبليس says:

    I’d hate to be in T-72 facing down that beast…wait a minute.

  8. avatar WLCE says:

    was that a remote turret system!? i thought i saw that correctly!

    wouldnt want to be in that thing when they run into a RPG team, DshK machine gun, or any armored vehicle.

  9. avatar ensitu says:

    It cost $10,000 (tax payer dollars). The name is Greater Syria II (don’t ask what happened to #1). The builder says it will withstand a 23mm hit (he said the same about #1).
    BTW Greater Syria encompased Israel

  10. avatar Stant says:

    There really is no good side in this war. The best we can hope for is the war is costly for both sides and goes on for a really long time.

  11. avatar flboots says:

    In 1948 the Israeli freedom fighters built home made tanks from farm tractors. They craved out a nation. So its possible to defeat a modern army with home made armor.

    1. avatar LarryR says:

      flboots…..They craved out a nation, eh? Try CARVED out a nation. It helps to read what you wrote before you click “Post Comment”. Lol

  12. avatar jim says:

    Needs an L60 Bofors 40-mm, though. I knew some oil-field welders in the late 80s in Houston who had decided they were artists and did stuff like this a lot. We called them “art cars.”

  13. avatar sdog says:

    man that is pretty impressive capability, i wonder where these guys went to school?..

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