Quote of the Day: Stocking Stuffer Edition

“I’d like to caution those men out there still trying to decide what to get their wives or girlfriends. Sure, a firearm is a good idea, but a couple things to remember; 1) it’s her gift, not yours – don’t determine what you think she needs, and 2) if she is new to shooting, treat this gift like a puppy – make sure you also gift her the time and instruction that should go with it.” – Laura Burgess


  1. avatar tdiinva says:

    My wife wants a Beretta Nano but I will probably give it to her for Valentines Day.

    1. Nothing says love better than a small Italian pistol.

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        Thats what she said.

        Sorry, I was trying to keep it PG-13

  2. avatar Gregolas says:

    Don’t just consult her when buying. I sold my wife’s Sig P230 and she still pines for it from time to time.

  3. avatar Nine says:

    My Fiance wants a NEF Sportster .22.

  4. avatar In Memphis says:

    I was going to get my wife the Sig P226 that shes been wanting in .40 with, I think Pachymer, rubber grips. Im glad I talked to her first because she was less than happy. All gifts have to be romantic and from the heart. Apparently guns dont fit that description even if its something she wants.

    Never could make her happy. Divorce… that was a great early Christmas present lol.

  5. avatar Mark says:

    Probably best to start with Kathy Jackson’s book Cornered Cat before getting the training and purchase gift certificates.

  6. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Don’t be like Homer Simpson giving Marge a 12-lb bowling ball…with HOMER engraved on it.

  7. avatar Chris says:

    My wife wants a Springfield M1A for shooting in NRA High Power Rifle matches. How can I say no?

    1. avatar SD3 says:

      Sounds like tacit permission to say “yes” twice.

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    Seems to me like good common sense advice. Gun designs, features, and capabilities are many and each individual person ideally should hold and be informed of the uniqueness of the model agreeing that it the best fit for that person before it is bought for them as a gift.

  9. avatar Guy22 says:

    Sounds like good advice.
    My 28 year old Daughter lives a lone in Durham NC. She is very good looking and has had a few bad experiences with guys following her home, etc.

    I have took her to the range four times this year. She really likes my GSG 1911, and Sig Mosquito. But said they felt to big. So on the way home from the range I said ” let’s stop in Gander Mountain.”” I need to pick up some ammo.” I never shop at GM, but know they carry a big selection of handguns.
    So after picking up a box of too expensive ammo we go up to the sales counter, and I tell the sales guy we were looking for a .22lr pistol.

    I get him to pull out a M&P.22, Ruger 45/22, Ruger MKIII, Browning Camper, Beretta Neos, Walther P22, and a Ruger SR22.
    She got to hold them all and look at them all. She liked the SR22 the best.

    So for Christmas she is getting a slightly used SR22( had to shoot it myself too make sure everything was OK). Glad I did because one mag. didn’t work. Ruger was good and had that problem fixed in a few days.

    My gift is:
    A Ruger SR22. With box, manual, lock, different mag plates, and grip.
    Three Mags(came with two, bought one more).
    A pink range bag from Midway.
    A set of electronic ear muffs.
    Shooting Glasses.
    A ladies shooting glove.
    400 rounds of CCI Mini Mags.
    A .22lr Bore Snake kit. Comes with oil and #9.

    I really hope she likes it? I know I would!
    But that’s the point of the article. Just because you like something does not mean a girl will. Wish me luck!


    1. avatar Ralph says:

      She is very good looking and has had a few bad experiences with guys following her home, etc.

      The only thing that ever followed me home was a stray cat.

      1. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

        Geez, isn’t that the truth…

  10. avatar CarlosT says:

    I just noticed: the link doesn’t work.

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