Military Arms Channel on the FNH FNX-9


  1. avatar jwm says:

    I actually like the double action semi auto with an exposed hammer and the manual safety. Striker fired pistols work, it’s just a personal preference thing.

  2. avatar Adam says:

    The FNX actually requires that the safety/decocking lever be BROKEN to detail-strip the firearm. This is, pretty obviously, a very poor design, and this gross engineering flaw overrides any other positive attributes this pistol has.

  3. avatar sdog says:

    i’m a da/sa trigger fan, i like my sigs, but i also have a fnp 45 tactical. If the trigger on the fnx is as good as the one of the 45 tactical, this thing is good to go.

  4. avatar Lance says:

    Except for the Browning HP never cared for FNH pistols always preferred in 9mm caliber the M-92FS or the Glock-17.

  5. avatar Stacy says:

    Added to the short list

  6. avatar g says:

    Great review, and now I’m definitely interested in trying… was also considering a SIG SP2022.

  7. avatar ensitu says:

    A few decades back I decided that one can only loose so many handguns in boating accidents. From that point on I decided if it did not float (loaded) I had no need of it, YMMV.

  8. avatar Michæl says:

    My wife just got me an FNX-45 for Christmas. It’s a big gun in my hands, but it’s pleasant to shoot and functions perfectly. With 15+1 rounds of .45 ACP and a flashlight/laser combo it makes a fantastic home defense pistol. This is also my first DA/SA (besides a SIG Mosquito) and I LOVE it.

  9. avatar Andy says:

    Great review! I recently purchased the FNX 9 – I traded up from my Ruger P95 actually. I cycled over 100 rounds through the FNX (ammo shortage prevented me from running more through the weapon). I loved it! It was very smooth, a light recoil and the grip was perfect (I used the larger aggressive back strap because I have rather large hands). I really appreciate being able to carry the weapon cocked and locked, liked my Springfield 1911 A1. The FNX was super easy to field strip and therefore was a breeze to clean – in that respect, it is similar to the Glock. And, because of its size, it’s a perfect conceal carry for me. FNH USA made a great weapon with the FNX 9.

  10. avatar Ryan says:

    I LOVE my fnx 9. Its my edc gun. I have pretty large hands, so i threw a hogue handall onto it and now it fits like it was made for my specific hand. Shoots very, very well, and the sights are easy to aquire. No regrets at all

  11. avatar joshua says:

    I absolutely love the FNX 9 millimeter and the FNS striker 9 millimeter as well. they have the feel of a 1911 in your hand except for the added bonus of 17 +1 in the chamber instead of your typical 7 21 with a 1911 I found the accuracy right out of the box was extremely on point and both firearms are very well balance. I find a lot of people who write reviews about anything to do with FNH have never fired or own if only looked into them and then have the audacity to compare it to another firearm which of course is ridiculous. Don’t judge it till you’ve owned one or shot one.

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