Indy Documentary Maker Highlights Guns Save Life

Here’s a short video with the unwieldy title Handguns and Humor in the Hearland: A Gun Rights Group’s Unlikely Activism. The brief documentary (via primarily highlights the work of Guns Save Life, the central Illinois gun rights advocacy org lead by TTAG contributor John Boch. As The Atlantic describes the group, “Based in Illinois, the nonprofit is dedicated to protecting the rights of gun owners and promoting education around gun safety. On the blog, Boch concurred with recent remarks from the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre, focusing on gun-free zones as the problem, not the solution to school shootings.” Imagine that. The filmmaker, Charles Ledford, made the editorial decision to “balance” a story about law-abiding people who defend their constitutional rights and teach gun safety with . . . the mother of a crime victim. Think of it as equal time. Ledford apparently does.


  1. avatar John Fritz says:

    Take a minute and watch that video. It’s worthwhile.

    1. avatar sancahnim says:

      Nice video. Although the lady is grieving it is important to remember that she is also a bit clouded by emotion. I think more to the point it would be important to ask her, what would have reduced the casualties? Saying banning all guns isn’t the options she can pick.

      1. avatar Totenglocke says:

        Yea, I feel bad for her, but her whole “it’s crazy to think someone with a gun could have stopped him” is just an emotional defense mechanism. If she admits that a CCW holder could have stopped him (not would, just COULD), then she must accept reprehensibility for not trying to change the schools rules / state laws regarding CCW on the college campus.

        It’s much easier to blame guns than to accept the fact that if she and other parents had pressured the school / state government to change the rules, someone might have stopped the shooter and their kids might be alive today.

  2. avatar In Memphis says:

    Hahaha, “Granny had hers, get you one.” I hope I am half as cool of an old guy as the current seniors are.

  3. avatar Lance says:

    It shows we can win this fight many are on our side.Quit panic buying and stand and fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. avatar John Boch says:

      Amen, brother.

      Sitting on a keyboard complaining or ginning up hysteria does nothing to secure our rights.

      Getting out and making a difference does!

      Our members have a great time advancing the cause of civil rights.


    2. avatar Evan says:

      Lol do both!

  4. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    If you break in my house
    and go for the cash
    Be ready to smile
    and wait for the flash!

    1. avatar John Boch says:

      I like it.

      There’s about a 19-character per line limit.

      So, how about:

      Break into my house
      Go for the cash
      Be ready to smile
      Wait for the flash
      Guns Save

      I’ll toss that out next Wednesday at our board meeting.

      Nice job!

      1. avatar sancahnim says:

        I second that tag line!

      2. avatar Totenglocke says:

        Just a thought, have you considered trying to find like minded people in other states so that each state can have a chapter? I know Ohio is very pro-gun, but with as anti-gun as our police unions are, we still need all the advocacy we can get every time another pro-gun law comes up.

  5. avatar Jonney says:

    I am interested in the idea of chapters elsewhere and/or raising awareness about your site to like minded people. Keep up the good work and God speed.

  6. Heya. Thanks for sharing my work. Just FYI, it’s “Heartland,” not “Hearland.”

    Copy editing: Learn it; know it; live it.

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