fxhummel1 at His Seasonal – and Topical – Best


  1. avatar Forrest says:

    That’s funny, and it makes good points.

  2. avatar Ross says:

    Good stuff.

  3. avatar Loyd says:

    I wasn’t too impressed with this one, but the Biblical Self Defense Song had me rolling.

  4. avatar ready,fire,aim says:


  5. avatar Mashashin says:

    He needs to release an album

  6. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Talented people are really awesome.

  7. avatar g says:

    Brings up stuff for non-gun owners to think about, but in a funny and entertaining way. YEP!

  8. avatar Ehsan says:

    According to Grossman, the author of On Killing , a naratul reaction under stress such as combat is to tense and contract muscles. Since holsters are supposed to be used at least sometimes under stress, a design that ignores the shooter’s tendency to reflexively close his hand by making the shooter position his finger over the trigger area is, in my book, a defect. I returned my Serpa holster and will be buying a thumb-release, probably a 5.11.

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