Defensive Gun Use of the Day: If I Had A Hammer Edition

Guns are tools. Just like a hammer, they’re useful for a variety of purposes in an array of situations. Which is why not every DGU has to involve a confrontation with a bad guy. From “Jamaryon Middlebrooks was driving along North Emerson on a Sunday night when a frantic person waved him off the side of the road. Middlebrooks found a chaotic scene, as the tow truck driver went unconscious and witnesses described him turning blue.” Somehow the driver had become trapped between his truck and a cable and had stopped breathing. Middlebrooks ran back to his car, got his gat, opened fire on the chain and freed the driver. “‘I don’t see myself as a hero. I just figured hopefully someone would do that for me if I was in that situation,’ Middlebrooks said.” We’d all like to think that, wouldn’t we? Of course, having a powerful tool at the ready makes it that much more likely. As if you needed another reason to carry your gun.


  1. avatar Silver says:

    Good stuff.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    I guess he was carrying a chain gun.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:


      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I had that once. Penicillin took care of it. Now my six iron is perfect even though I occasionally yank my putts. Fortunately, I almost never lose my balls.

        Don’t you just love golf? You can talk dirty all day long and sound like Jack Nicklaus.

  3. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

    Mythbusters did a show on this and showed that handgun fire cannot cut thru hardened steel chain links. Also the risk of richochet would be a problem for the shooter and the tow truck driver he was trying to free. If this actually occurred does this bust Mythbusters?

    1. avatar Pyrotek85 says:

      The video showed it was actually a steel cable, not a chain. He said it took 9 shots though, so it was still pretty tough.

  4. avatar Wyocowboy says:

    Great story. Shows how a gun is a tool, not a thing that just “kills people.”

  5. avatar PCnotPC says:

    Defensive? I don’t think so. This guy has been watching too much TV. If the tow truck driver, a bystander or the shooter himself had been wounded or killed by a stray or ricocheting bullet you would have been awarding him a IGOTD instead. Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. avatar .9mm says:

    Someone flagged him down and he left his ‘gat’ in the car? What would he have done if it were a setup to rob him or worse?

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