TTAG Daily Digest: Cheaper Than Cheaper Than Dirt

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School spree killing, Cheaper Than Dirt! stopped selling firearms. When The People of the Gun slammed the seller for their selling-out to the anti-gun zeitgeist, CTD backtracked. They claimed they’d resume firearms sales after they “updated their process” [as above]. I never like the word “process.” And now I like […]

Video: TrackingPoint Trailer

We’ve already had our hands on this system and tested it out, as you can read in our TrackingPoint article. But since they just released a new and quite frankly awesome video, I figured it was worth a post. Plus, it’s always good to greet the New Year with a little gun porn.

See? Enhanced Gun Control is Working! Already!

Our handsy friends at the TSA publish a blog (who knew?) featuring highlights from their weekly take of contraband. Naturally, the compendium includes guns appropriated from travelers who’d unknowingly (or not) left a pistol in their carry-on before going through an airport prostate/pelvic probulation station. And shazam, they have some great post-Newtown news! As […]

Why It’s OK to Publish Names and Addresses of Gun Owners. Or Not. (a.k.a., the Star-Ledger) isn’t blind to the fact that tri-state area gun owners were less-than-trilled with the nearby Journal News‘ interactive map of New York gun owners (in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties). “Those named were furious,” the Star-Ledger’s Editorial Board acknowledges. “They said the map, which listed personal information — but not numbers or types of […]

Video from TTAG’s School Shooting Simulation

This video, courtesy of the Record Journal, shows one of the scenarios we ran this weekend in order to gather data about school shootings and whether an armed teacher would be effective in stopping or slowing down an active shooter. In the video, an armed teacher successfully keeps a shooter from entering the room even […]

Self-Defense Tip: Make Your Safe Room Safer

Congressman Larry McDonald was one of the last great anti-Communists (as well as one of the last ever conservative Democrats). McDonald saw Reds under the bed long after President Nixon sent ping-pong players to China. The Georgia pol was murdered by the Russians—accidentally on purpose—when his flight to Korea strayed into Russian airspace. As a missile […]

CNN’s Piers Morgan: Ban and Confiscate Assault Weapons

After calling Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt an “unbelievably stupid man,” CNN chat show host and British expat Piers Morgan is under the gun (symbolically speaking). A Texan viewer created a petition on the White House website demanding Piers’ deportation for undermining the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As of this writing, the petition […]