Gun Review: Glock 26 Gen 4

By Zack Pike

Are you a concealed carry permit holder? Are you of the opinion that a 9mm bullet can stop a threat? Can you learn to draw and shoot with only two fingers on the grip? Then have I got a gun for you! If you answered yes to all of those questions, there aren’t many handguns that can beat a Glock 26. The model we’re talking about here, the Gen 4, has quickly becoming my preferred carry gun (over my previous fave, a Gen 4 G19). Sometimes referred to as the “Baby Glock”, this little pistol packs 10+1 rounds of parabellum in a convenient little double stack configuration. Sporting the typical Glock – er – style, this thing is all business . . .

No external safety, no rail, semi-flush mags and no-nonsense slide. A couple of features this thing has over its older sibling, the Glock 19: a nice radius on the front of the slide to make re-holstering smoother, and a slightly better bevel job in the mag well for easier, quicker reloads.