This is What Happens to an Armed Populace: Tamil Tigers Reboot Edition



  1. avatar jwm says:

    The stress of competition should be a breeze after the stress of combat.

  2. avatar Jake says:

    these guys seem to be a little old to have been forced child soldiers during the time of that conflict… If they were only kids it would have to have been quite a while ago. If so I could see rehabilitation, but if they joined a terrorist organization as adults shouldn’t they be in front of a firing line or working a chain gang til they drop of old age?

    1. avatar jkp says:

      That war was going on for around 25-26 years. And it only ended relatively recently.

  3. avatar RiddleofSteel says:

    So the Sri Lanken govt is rehabbing former “terrorists” by training them to be expert marksmen? Makes as much sense as putting a reformed child molester in charge of nap time at the local daycare…

    1. avatar gabba says:

      sometimes life is counterintuitive.

  4. avatar John Fritz says:

    Turning crack cook into apothecary.

    Works for me.

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