Is This the World’s Ugliest Videogame Gun?

Maybe I’ve had too much coffee, but this image makes the MAG II videogame controller looks like a screaming dog by Picasso during his Atari period. Caffeine or not, the MAG II’s definitely not the Michal Idan of game guns. Still, the presser [via] promises a “compact, ergonomic, ultra responsive, precision FPS controller.” So can it get him to show a bit more gun safety?


  1. avatar DonS says:

    “Back in the day” (Doom and Quake), the “gun” was my keyboard (ASDW, space, and shift) and mouse . Pretty ugly “guns”, compared to my 1911.

    In video games, function is far more important than form.

  2. avatar barnslayer says:

    Looks like a new way to get carpel tunnel syndrome.

  3. avatar إبليس says:

    Still more stylish than a Hi Point.

  4. avatar ensitu says:

    Hot melt glue gun?

  5. avatar JJ Swiontek says:

    Ugly gun. Pretty girl, though. 🙂 The future Mrs Farago? 🙂

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