Beretta Resolves Julian’s Previously Unresolved Beretta Magazine Issues

I received an email from Beretta USA today from the Product Marketing Manager, Ben Cook, about my magazine issues. This restores my faith in Beretta USA and their customer service. Here is a copy of the email . . .

Mr. Jullian,

I am very sorry to hear about the trouble you have been experiencing with your Px4 and more so that the issue has yet to be resolved.

I have 2 magazines here on my desk that I would like to send you that I believe will fix all of your issues.

If you would provide a shipping address, I can get these out the door to you.

Ben Cook
Product Marketing Manager
Pistols & Tactical Products
Beretta U.S.A. Corp.
17601 Beretta Drive, Accokeek, MD 20607


  1. avatar Pascal says:

    Yeah! and Congrats!

  2. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Dear Mr Cook, i will be sad and unhappy until you send me qty 1 PX4 in .45 ACP. Expedite please.

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    So what about the rest of the people who want the locking magplates but who don’t have a bully pulpit?

    1. avatar stephen says:

      Basically what i came here to say. Who else had a website with which to bring the attention of good customer service when their magazines fail by design.

      1. avatar Anonymous says:

        I don’t think it’s fair to say their magazines fail by design, but an upgraded version should be offered to the public, rather than kept as an LE-only thing, especially when it’s something as minor as this.

        I can understand a company not selling pistol-gripped guns, or extended mags, or some other not-banned-but-scary feature. I don’t agree with it. But if it’s a PR move, I at least understand it. But this? This is nothing.

  4. avatar Ruun says:

    What a coincidence, huh? Post on the Internet about the HK-grade “fuck you” Beretta gives you and all of a sudden they fall all over themselves to make it right.

  5. avatar Don says:

    He writes that letter but he’s probably thinking “we hate you and you suck”!

    1. avatar Mr Pierogie says:

      Probably. I bought a brand new 92FS online not too long ago and when I received it I saw a small nick on the edge of the slide. Not a huge deal, but when I spend over $600, I expect better quality control. I sent it to Beretta to fix it. They did an ok job, and the tech who sent the gun back did not forget to include a note with a snarky remark about the size of the blemish. I think that $600 should buy me better customer service. When I see Dan Wesson guns listed on Gunbroker, even if the pistol has the smallest of nicks or scratches, it is noted by a QC tech and the gun’s price is marked down for that reason. Beretta could learn something from those guys. It’s good that they took care of these magazines for Julian, but I don’t think I’ll be getting another Beretta.

      1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

        That is one reason I do not buy any gun based mainly on the brand name.
        Was not impressed with the M9 at all when they came to our Infantry unit in 1985.
        Still wasn’t impressed with them when I got out of the Army in 1996.
        I have an EAA Zastava M88 in 9mm and this is probably one of the better built and fit and finished pistols I have ever owned. For less than $300 it has ate over 4000 rnds of everything from Winchester white box to Federal High Shok and Winchester PDX hollow points with never a ftf or fte no matter how fast I ran them through it.
        It has performed so well that my fiancée now carries it for her ccw weapon. Damned accurate too.
        My ccw is an ATI FX Titan compact 1911 w/ a 3.18″ match grade bull barrel that is so dependable and accurate that I sold my Springfield Commander Model 1911.
        Name is not everything when it comes to function and reliability.

  6. avatar TTACer says:

    I had a weird, sort of good but not exactly experience with Beretta customer service. The barrel hinge on a Tomcat had become loose, so I sent it to them along with a set of rosewood grips and a note to call and let me know what was wrong and how much it would cost to put the grips on. As an aside, the last time I took the grips off an invisible spring went flying away and I had to take to a gunsmith anyway (if you are wondering why I didn’t just do it myself).

    So some times goes by and then a brand-new Tomcat shows up with the rosewood grips loose in the box. While I appreciate that they replaced the gun, the one they replaced had a $100 trigger job, they didn’t put the grips on, and they never contacted me.

  7. avatar TheSleeperHasAwakened says:

    I have had my Px4 for over a little over 4 years and have had ZERO magazine issues. I have put at least 2,000 rds through the gun and this is the first I have ever heard about any mag issues. And I use both the 17 and 20 round Px4 mags.

    Is this mag issue only happening to the .40 cal or is it also happening with the 9mm?

    1. avatar William says:

      I have a Px4 .40 compact for carry and have put 1500 rounds through it so far. No issues, no problems, no mag problems….not ONE SINGLE jam, failure to feed, or failure to eject.
      Keep bashing if you like, but my weapon is first rate and lived up to the 1529 standard of excellence.

      1. avatar Air Force TSgt says:

        I have also put close to 3000 rounds through my 9mm PX4 without a single malfunction using 15, 17, and 20 round Beretta and MDS mags.

  8. avatar The Smiling Swordsman says:

    I can also say that I’ve had absolutely 0 issues with my PX4 9mm. In fact I had never heard of any problems with the magazines until I read this article.

  9. avatar dan says:

    Ive had zero issues with any of my Beretta guns. I have a 92fs, every size px4 in 9mm and 45, a 90-two, a nano, 2 cougars, a couple .22’s and a 12g. Reading this and others with similar experiences doesn’t change my mind. Over 20 years of production and ownership and have yet to have an issue even with recent production models. I love my berettas, will buy youes in a heartbeat, and haven’t had any issue with their c.s.

  10. avatar Not Too Eloquent. says:

    Whole thing is ridiculous. Anecdotal stories about mag problem leads to Internet whining leads to Beretta saying here’s your magazines now shut up and go away. Please. Stop whining and go shooting.

    1. avatar gyrfalcon says:

      “Whole thing is ridiculous.”

      Yeah it’s ridiculous that you can’t buy common part from a firearms manufacture unless you’re LE.

    2. I see you are still in denial – what connection do you have with Beretta?

  11. avatar WAJJr says:

    When you call Beretta and want to buy parts your call goes to Brownells; here is the link to the PX4 schematic. ; the part needed is/was #65. Part is no longer available…

  12. avatar Headly LaMar says:

    I had a A300 blow a gas seal on the piston about 3 months after buying it. They sent it back with no note, no nothing other than the gun with a different piston installed that was a one-piece unit instead of the multipart one. Poor customer service is right.

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