The November Gun Contest List is Up!

We probably don’t have to tell you the holidays are coming. And what would look better under the tree (or next to the menorah or under the kwanzaa bush) than a nice shiny new gun? Or knife? Or Scope? Whatever. Here’s the November compendium of gunny give-aways courtesy Aaron Spuler at Go forth and win sumpthin’.




Air Rifles



Gun Rights Organizations





  1. avatar Ralph says:

    And what would look better under the tree

    How about an Israeli Supermodel?

    Thought so. Although it must be said that I’d get more use out of the gun.

    1. avatar jeffo says:

      Being a single man, in a place seemingly devoid of attractive single ladies, yes please!

  2. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    All those giveaways… and not a single nice gun among them. Sigh.

  3. avatar AznMike says:

    Come on lady luck!

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