Criminal ProTip: Don’t Return to the Scene of the Crime

Oh, and don’t ask your victim for your gun back – no matter how much you like it. Especially when the cops are there. Lester White tried to stick up a guy at a bus stop yesterday morning, but reports that the victim managed to grab the gat. When Lester got away, the un-named victim called a cop. “The victim went to a nearby clinic and spoke with a security officer. Police responded to the scene and the gun was recovered. Police said while the victim was talking to the security officer, Lester White approached the victim and asked for his gun back. He was arrested at the scene.” That must be some gun. You just can’t make this stuff up.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    That’s the sad part. You really don’t have to make this crap up.

  2. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Words escape me….. I mean how far did this guy get in school? I would think that even a 3rd grade edumacashon would be enough to not go back to the victim while the cops are still there. But I guess his milage might vary?

  3. Pssst! The link leads to the “kept on fighting” story!

    1. D’oh! Fixed. Thanks.

  4. avatar Greg in Allston says:

    Clearly a Rhodes Scholar.

  5. avatar flboots says:

    He will make someone a nice friend in prison. A poster child for obama.

    1. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

      If Obama had a son…

      1. avatar APBTFan says:

        Ex a friggin zactly.

  6. avatar JPD says:

    flboots. what’s the crack about Obama? Did we throw this crap around when it was a stupid criminal who was white during the Bush years??

    1. avatar Silver says:

      You can play the race card, but god forbid anyone throws it back in O’s face, eh?

      Typical leftist.

      1. avatar JPD says:

        What?? Number 1, this article had nothing to do about Obama. That was the point. Second, being a registered Republican for 42 years, hard to fit that “leftist” definition.

        Interesting you can make that judgement call on one sentence.


  7. avatar MotoJB says:

    I’m no Obama fan and I didn’t vote for him…but what an dumb comment.

    1. avatar sdog says:

      @ flboots please keep your causal politico prejudice to your self, not the space for it.
      God lester white is a stupid scumbag by the way, way to go man you are a felon for life now.

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    Lester White’s Mensa membership is hereby revoked.

  9. avatar Silver says:

    One less scumbag

  10. avatar APBTFan says:

    Maybe Mr. White was a believer in the good of his fellow man. Who wouldn’t return a stand-up guy’s property to him?

  11. avatar pat says:

    Brutha looks sleepy…..sooo sleepy.

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