‘Bama GOP To Watch Tonght’s Returns While Busting Caps

Unlike just about every other election night “party” designed to let friends, family, fundraisers and flunkies watch the returns come in, the Alabama GOP’s throwing a little shindig tonight that people will actually be looking forward to. No generic hotel ballroom for them. Instead, Fox News reports that “The state Republican Party is inviting supporters to the 52,000-square-foot Hoover Tactical Firearms for a ‘victory party’ Tuesday night.” And if you have enough safety Nazi in you to wonder about the advisability of combining booze, ballistics and ballot counts, don’t. “Loaded guns will be allowed only on the firing range and a party spokeswoman says drinking won’t be allowed while people are shooting. Republicans are expecting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to easily carry Alabama.” Ya think? So tonight’s affair will feature booze, guns and Miss Alabama. Now that’s a political party we can get behind.


  1. avatar JoshinGA says:

    And…This is why the South is awesome.

  2. avatar JTPhilly says:

    If heaven ain’t alot like Dixie…

    BTW here’s the link to the party if anybody can make it: http://algop.org/event/algop-election-night-victory-party/

    1. avatar Ryan says:

      You can send me to hell or new York city it would be about the same to me

  3. “…drinking won’t be allowed while people are shooting.” Drinking before shooting doesn’t seem like a good idea either. However, I trust that the facility won’t allow anyone obviously inebriated to shoot. *crossing fingers*

  4. avatar Wrongwayclyde says:

    Hoover Tactical doesn’t have the best reputation among gun rights people in Alabama. Just recently the owner got the opportunity to speak with the media and showed how ignorant he is of the laws he is discussing…


    Also they apparently record your driver’s license info if you so much as buy ammo from them which is not required by state law. I have no tolerance for self-imposed nanny-state BS.


  5. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    Hmmm. Think I will just sit at the hospital with dad and watch tv. He and I can discuss politics and look at the nurses!!! 😉

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