Gun Tweet of the Day: Whole Cloth Edition

Colin Goddard of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and and I Tweeted back and forth today. The convo started when Colin reTweeted our post on the NY AG’s strong-arm tactics with Empire State gun show producers (“convincing” them to put private sales through an FBI background check). Colin was down with that. The […]

It Should Have Been a DGU: Crossbow Incident Edition

  Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a>As the country deals with the fiscal cliff, superstorms and other general chaos, the mainstream media hasn’t really picked up on this spree killing at a Wyoming college just yet. Three were killed today in a victim rich environment — I mean the gun free zone that is […]

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: URGENT ALERT!

Earlier today, Colin Goddard of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence retweeted our post on the New York State Attorney General’s strong arm tactics with gun show promoters. The heads-up thing works both ways. Cruising the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page I learned that Senator Coburn is adding an amendment to the Defense Authorization […]

Anti-Cull Queen Guitarist Brian May Outed on Deer Cull

Press Release from Barney White-Spunner, Executive Chairman Countryside Alliance Ireland [via]: It came as some surprise last weekend to find that Queen musician Brian May had been leasing the stalking rights on his land. The news was broken by the Sunday Times, who found that he was receiving payments of £750 a year for the right to shoot […]

Gear Review: PW Arms Glock Magazine

Glock handguns are quite possibly the most popular brand in the United States. Maybe around the world, too. And with that many handguns in circulation, there’s an obviously insatiable demand for spare magazines and replacement parts. Naturally, Glock offers an abundance of spare mags for sale in various sizes, but now there’s another option that’s […]

BAE Wins $80m Contract for Advanced Gun Systems

Eighty-million? Is that all? The recent Powerball winners scooped-up a cool quarter billion. Each. Still, it’s good to see our military contractors tightening their belts in preparation for Uncle Sam’s Thelma and Louise-style drive off the fiscal cliff. Judging from the video above, BAE is keeping its costs low by hiring Activision’s rejected animators. That […]

Question of the Day: Airgun?

Despite an elbow injury (nothing to do with drinking) Olympian Sarah Scherer finished 15th in London in smallbore (.22 caliber) competition. She and seven other Olympians are set to participate in the 2012 Winter Airgun Championships. [Press release after the jump.] So I guess we can say that airguns aren’t as dorky as they used […]

NY Gun Shows Cave to AG on “Gun Show Loophole”

  The gun control industry has been calling on legislators to “close the gun show loophole” for years. They’re aggravated not to say appalled by the idea that private citizens can buy and sell firearms at [some] gun shows without government supervision (i.e. without an FBI criminal background check). The fact that gun shows account […]

Guns for Dummies: Unloading a Lever Gun

My custom lever gun projects are still stuck in development hell. Grizzly Custom Guns is waiting for the foundry to deliver my octagonal barrel. Aqua Timber continues its search for a suitable piece of previously submerged 100-year-old birch for the stock. It’s been three years since I ordered a Smith & Wesson 500-firing lever gun from […]