Just Arrived: Varmint Target

I returned from my honeymoon to find a present waiting for me from Varmint Target (pretty thoughtful of them since they weren’t invited to the reception). I promptly set it up for coworkers and their NERF guns. Expect a full review soon. Die prairie dog, die!


  1. avatar bobo says:

    Congrats on getting hitched.

  2. avatar g says:

    LOL, did someone say, “You shoot it, you eat it” ?

    Congrats on wedded bliss!

  3. avatar OHgunner says:

    OUCH. I just got sticker shock. $336 for one? I’ll get the exercise, personally.

    Speaking of sticker shock, congrats on the wedding. I just got hitched too. $25k in debt later, we’re happy, and so are our credit card companies.

    1. avatar DrewN says:

      Yeah, we built some very similar targets out of old plate and damaged irrigation equipment out at my buddy’s ranch. Ran schedule 40 between them to actuate them with compressed air. Probably cost us about $10 bucks a station.

  4. avatar rgsmithiv says:

    soooo, what does it do?

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