The Most Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge News Report in the History of the World, Ever

Toddler hit when gun goes off in car in Sunnyside, the headline at proclaims. “A 3-year-old boy was critically injured when a firearm [not shown] discharged in the vehicle he was riding in Monday night, Sunnyside police say. He’s being treated at Harborview Medical Center for a gunshot to the head. The boy, who was not identified, arrived at Sunnyside Community Hospital about 9:30 p.m. Monday, according to a news release from the Sunnyside Police Department. Officers say they believe the gun accidently [sic] discharged when the vehicle was in the area of Yakima Valley Highway and East Edison Avenue. The vehicle and the gun were seized, but police did not immediately release more information about the circumstances. They said they are continuing to investigate.”


  1. avatar ST says:

    “In related news,police are running down additional leads to determine what associates the gun had when it attacked the toddler.The guns accomplice,a 15 round magazine,was apprehended at the scene.Both suspects are imprisoned under 24-7 guard at the Evidence Wing of the Police Department.”

  2. avatar jwm says:

    I want one of those tracked weapons in the picture. Does it have the robot thingy that goes up?

  3. avatar JPD says:

    ST, good post. That is what the anti gun crowd will go on about. Those “EEEEVIL” guns did it.

    How about this……mandatory prison sentence of 20 years for idiot adult with loaded firearm in backseat with child?

    Another, even better thought. how about mandatory LIFE imprisonment, nationwide, for anyone who uses a gun in the commission of a crime. Also anyone, through negligence, where a person is killed or permanently disabled..

  4. avatar ensitu says:

    Odds are the perp was a pre-prep on parole from prison. Yakima is as bad as Chicago since the New Govenor took over

  5. avatar Aharon says:

    If this was election year, 2008 we would be reading comments like ‘it’s Bush’s fault’ for everything. Ok, so now I am going to have fun: “it’s all Obama’s fault”.

  6. avatar bontai Joe says:

    From the wealth of information contained in that report, apparently the vehicle caused the gun to discharge. There is no driver or any other occupants mentioned, so I’m assuming the 3 year old was driving, when the gun’s shoulder thingy accidently activated from being jostled from a pot hole and caused the accidental discharge. Seriously, the reporter that wrote this story needs to get his tuition refunded from that journalism class he took.

  7. avatar IndyEric says:

    I, for one, welcome our robotic overlords.

  8. avatar Lt Dave says:

    In my old jurisdiction, the police chief (who was trying to straddle the political fence) would modify existing CCW permits to be carried in “vehicle only” (glove box). In his effort to appease both sides of an argument, he made guns available to children in cars by those who followed his bizarre instructions to the letter.

  9. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    I find that construction pretty typical. Even in the “liberal press,” there’s bias for downplaying the personal responsibility which is always involved in gun “accidents.” You guys love it. Don’t say you don’t.

    1. avatar Moonshine says:

      Mikal, plz.

      1. avatar Jake says:


    2. avatar Robert Farago says:

      We don’t.

    3. avatar jwm says:

      You’re the one to talk Mikey. You love AD’s, gives you the chance to be a blood dancer.

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