I carry a spare magazine for my Glock 30SF. I don’t do so because I think I’m going to need more than ten rounds. I schlep a second mag because magazines are the weak point of most any semi-automatic you can name. Which is one reason why I’m not bothered by the fact that my Benelli M2 Tactical shotgun has a five-plus-one round capacity. No box mag; no box mag to fail. (Six rounds before reloading seems sufficient for home defense.) But if I was going to have a box mag-fed shotgun I’d want a custom Saiga with a ten-round Surefire mag. But then I’m a reliability guy. You? (PS Whaddup with the lack of Picatinny rail action up front?)

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10 Responses to Molot VEPR 12 AK Shotgun: Five Round Mag?

  1. “Whaddup with the lack of Picatinny rail action up front?” That’s why God made barrel clamps.

    I’d never go with the AK-12 platform. I’ve seen too many failures to eject–even on highly modified ones–to make me comfortable with the platform. I’ll stick with my Benelli … Which does, of course, have a magazine. Just not a box magazine.

  2. Mags and ammo are the weak point of auto loaders. Fortunately we live in the age of abundent, cheap and reliable practice ammo. Quality self defense ammo is also available and plentiful, but cheap it ain’t.

    My shotgun of choice is the pump gun, it takes the simple and reliable concept to the top in what’s available now.

  3. he says he has 250 thru it without a failure of any kind. would like to see 8 times that though. you should shout out his blog it has more details. or PAFOA.org where i first saw it.

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