It Should Have Been A DGU: Looters Hit NYC Edition

“Police arrested more than a dozen looters in the Rockaways and Coney Island, which had been evacuated, and stood guard outside ravaged stores at the South Street Seaport,” The New York Post (via reports. “This morning when they told us the water receded, I walked back to the house to feed [my pets],” said Eric Martine, 33, a cabby who lives in Brooklyn’s Gerritsen Beach. “Guys were looting, pretending they were Con Ed and holding people up. It was sick.” Residents said police warned them to beware of crooks pretending to be utility workers. Cops fanned out yesterday to deal with looters around the city. ‘We will not tolerate these scumbags looting. We will arrest them on sight,’ said a police source.” I’m sure [unarmed] residents feel safer already.


  1. avatar flboots says:

    There should be one command given to police and National Guard Troops protecting areas that have been evacuated. SHOOT TO KILL LOOTERS.

  2. avatar jwm says:

    I would feel safer with the police on patrol AND my legal gun in my holster.

    1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

      ” I would feel safer with the police on patrol somewhere else and my legal gun in my hand”
      There it is amended and more correct!! Sarc off!!
      Exactly. The way NY’s finest shoot would hope there was a big thick barrier between them and me also!!

  3. avatar Moonshine says:

    If I could just remember what prevented looting in LA’s Little Korea back in ’92. Damn, what was it, again?

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      Those scary black AK47 guns that Obama said only belong on the battlefield. America can become a battlefield at any time.

    2. avatar إبليس says:

      Koreans: the scariest people on Earth.

      1. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

        But they cook such great food.

        1. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

          I was talking about the large korean population of the church i went to as a kid.

      2. avatar jwm says:

        You’ve obviously encountered ROK Marines. Bad, bad men.

        1. avatar Jay Dunn says:

          However, in the early 50’s when it was Turks against North Koreans, it was Turks for the win.

          They were also the most feared American Allies in Viet Nam. They couldn’t be bothered with taking any prisoners.

          Kicked Brit and ANZAC butt at Gallipoli pretty badly too.

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    You see this? This is my surprised face.

  5. avatar jake45 says:

    In Wisconsin we have the Castle Doctrin. Break in to my home you get capped, and I don’t have to worry about getting raked over the coals for doing it.

  6. avatar Ing says:

    Ah, I wondered when the looting reports would come in.

    I like the photo, but I’m not sure a sign like that would work, considering you’re not likely to be home if the whole neighborhood has been evac’d. (I own guns, and I’m not home. Bonus loot for you!)

    Wouldn’t it be nice if residents and business owners were able to protect their own property? Here in the U.S., it’s actually possible. (Oh, wait…)

  7. avatar Accur81 says:

    Guard your home with your firearm, and let the police handle the arrests. That’s a pretty good combo. Police officers will be working long shifts in the aftermath. I know because I’ve been there.

  8. avatar Average_Casey says:

    Yeah, if I’m not allowed to defend my home and property without a firearm, I’m not going back until order is restored. I’ll let insurance take care of looter damage. Since I live in a stand your ground state, I kindly suggest looters never try to come to my home unless you want more lead in your diet.

  9. avatar Gs650g says:

    Arrest looters then bring them back on chain gangs to do cleanup.

  10. avatar ensitu says:

    Heck put themin chains now, hand em shovels and put them to work

  11. avatar Kat says:

    The reason they loot is too lazy to work. Doubt they would put more than a half ass effort into clean up. Looters should be shot on sight

  12. avatar sanchanim says:

    Truly sad people would stoop so low.

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