Brits’ Benghazi Guns Go Walkies


“Foreign Office diplomats withdrew from the Libyan city in June following an assassination attempt on the British ambassador but reached an agreement with the US to leave weapons and vehicles at the American compound,” the reports. Oh dear. “The Foreign Office has confirmed to the Daily Telegraph that the equipment is still unaccounted for a month after the Benghazi assault.” And that equipment would be?
“A Foreign Office spokeswoman would not give details of the British equipment in Benghazi. ‘Following the suspension of our office in Benghazi the US consulate agreed to store some equipment on our behalf. We are working with the US to establish what, if anything, has happened to this equipment.'” “If anything.” How droll.



  1. avatar jwm says:

    The bad guys in that part of the world already have an ass load of AK’s and RPG’s. A few extra brit guns aren’t going to make much of a difference.

    1. avatar JoshinGA says:

      Probably wont have the ammo to run them either…

      1. avatar Michael B. says:

        They’ll ditch the Brit guns. The AKs are more reliable and the grips won’t melt in the user’s hands.

  2. avatar John says:

    South Park is prescient – the abandoned British snuke will be surreptitiously secreted in Hillary’s snizz. Rattling around like a BB in Mammoth Cave. Which is FAR smaller than her void in the cranial cavity.

  3. avatar Aharon says:

    The irresponsibility of a relative few civilian gun owners and dealers in not securing their guns from theft or intentionally selling guns to criminals pales in comparison to the irresponsibility of what governments have done and continue to do. We must have government arms control.

  4. avatar Texas Deputy says:

    This is not the first recent incident involving British territory in Benghazi.

    In February of this year, a large group of miscreants decided to destroy the British military cemetery in Benghazi. This cemetery contained the WW II graves of British and other allied soldiers.

    Notice on the attached YouTube how these people paid special attention to the Christian religious symbols and the graves of Jewish soldiers.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      I watched up to 1:15 minutes of it. It appeared that there were at least two Immans (or people who looked like Immans) supervising the incident. They can be seen wearing long blue or dark coats at @ :33 seconds and are standing on the raised stone platform that overlooks the graves. Let these people deal with their own political problems. American involvement sooner or later comes back to later stab us in the back.

  5. avatar John says:

    Time to organize a gun buy back, Libyan edition.

  6. avatar flboots says:

    The British equipment was given to the drug cartels as part of the obama/halder agreement.

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