Australia: Where Gun Shoots You

The headline for this news report [via]—and the first words out of the newsreader’s mouth—reveal the anti-gun disconnect between the “gun-free” Land Down Under and firearms reality. Police officer’s gun discharged in Dianella incident. ‘Nuff said? If not, passive construction makes the point: “One round was fired from the police-issue gun about 3am in Waverley St. Nobody was injured by the bullet, which has yet to be found.” Probably hiding.


  1. avatar Derek says:

    “Probably hiding.”

    Lol. “A search is underway for a fugitive bullet that has escaped from police custody after a police issue firearm allowed to bullet to make it’s escape. It is believed that the bullet is actively evading authorities. The bullet is considered armed and extremely dangerous.”

  2. avatar ST says:

    “On this episode of Australia’s Most Wanted, #1 on the list tonight is a bad guy called 9X19mm. Known by the street name “Parabellum”, his last known whereabouts were on the corner of Martin Luther King drive and 6th Street. Police captured his Italian accomplice last week, but Beretta is refusing to cooperate with authorities.”

  3. avatar Nikeratos says:

    And, as usual, the politically correct media outlet refused to give the race of the bullet, out of fear of inflaming tensions among certain minority cartridges.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    I’m the only one in this country professional enough . . . . oh, crikey! I just shot m’self in me arse!

  5. avatar 16V says:

    Parabellum was last seen speeding away lodged in the trunk of a driverless four door sedan. Perhaps a Toyota, perhaps an Audi…

    1. avatar Will says:

      It was a Holden, not an import.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        I was going for the ‘unintended acceleration’ joke. Oh well, some hits, some misses…

  6. avatar Sammy says:

    I think they must have a “Charge Holder With No Crime Whatsoever” on the back of badges.

  7. avatar Johnny says:

    If it is recovered from some guy’s car, they’ll charge him with unlawful ownership of police property.

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