Ted Nugent Talks About his Show on GOA Radio Last Night

In advance of his Discovery Channel special, Ted Nugent went on GOA Radio last night to talk about his life, his show, and some other various and sundry topics. I’ve posted a flash player above so you can listen, and needless to say it’s on the podcast as well. Ted seems to think he’s done a great job with the show, but we’ll see how well it comes out. Live, as a matter of fact. We’ll be live blogging the show here on the site tonight (10:00pm eastern), so stick around.


  1. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I remember good ol’ uncle Ted being a guest on some kid science show on Saturday morning TV. He clearly explained in layman’s terms, what causes feedback through an electric amplifier. He is a pretty smart guy, just hope he can stay focused and be accurate with his facts. Because I have seen him other times where he really comes across as a dain bramaged, inbred spam sucking, mutant, hillbilly, redneck, and that isn’t going to do our cause much good.

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