Fiocchi Selling 4.6×30 HK Ammo… For the MP7 You Will Never Own

There are a couple companies out there that make ammunition for guns that have long since gone by the wayside. Specifically, Prvi Partizan and Fiocchi seem to make a living by producing factory fresh ammunition in obscure calibers that Remington, Winchester and Federal wouldn’t touch with a 50 foot pole. Need some 8x50r Lebel? They’ve got you covered. But one caliber I thought I’d never see in the wild was 4.6×30 HK, and yet . . .

Turns out Fiocchi is producing factory fresh 4.6×30 HK ammo, and making it available at damn near reasonable prices, too. has it for $21 for 50 rounds, with CheaperThanDirt coming in just under that. Which actually makes the stuff slightly cheaper than 300 AAC Blackout at the moment.

There’s only one issue — the only gun that shoots this ammo is the H&K MP7, a gun which is not commercially available to the public. There are a couple guns out there that have conversion kits available, but nothing else is natively chambered in the oddball round.

And that actually might explain the low cost. Since there’s no demand for the stuff outside those lucky few police departments and military organizations that have taken delivery of their MP7s, the supply is (comparatively) overwhelming and therefore driving the price down.

According to CTD, the ammo is mostly purchased by people who are training police departments on the MP7 and SOTs with dealer samples. And, from what they tell me, the ammo sells pretty well. Which makes me optimistic that I might run into another MP7 sometime in the future, and hopefully they’ll let me fire more than 10 rounds.

Anyway, if and/or when H&K makes their MP7 available to the public (don’t hold your breath), it’s good to know there will be a supply of ammo readily available. Even if that supply is covered in dust and cobwebs.

[Thanks to David for the tip]


  1. avatar Accur81 says:

    I see the 4.6 mm as a solution that’s still looking for a problem. The 5.7 and. 5.56 seem to outperform it in any practical measure, and those rounds are freely available to John Q. Public. I continue to be underwhelmed by HKs failure to make the actual firearm that fires the round commercially unavailable. FN doesn’t seem to suffer HKs challenges.

  2. avatar liquidflorian says:

    Maybe the whole Recoil Magazine incedent sparked a little consumer interest in the MP7?

  3. avatar gabba says:

    there are a few gunsmiths out there converting various guns to 4.6×30 just because they can. it’s just like those 5.7 ar uppers that eject out the magwell, or that MAC in 5.7 give it time and we’ll see more weird things like that in 4.6.

  4. avatar Greg says:

    The Hk fanbois are fapping with great fervor.

    1. avatar Joe Grine says:

      I resemble that remark!

  5. avatar JoshinGA says:

    If I could ever get my slimy civie hands on one this would be great news. Since I suck and HK hates me, this is more of a why the hell are they producing ammo for such a niche market?

    1. avatar matt says:

      To keep machines running which would otherwise be idle?

      1. avatar Aaron says:

        Or put to better use, like pumping out more 5.7 so I can shoot it more without having to buy it on gunbroker…

  6. avatar David says:

    im oddly over joyed they published this…..i was the one that sent the tip in

  7. avatar mblakely says:

    Nick Leghorn thanks for this, this is great content. I have been asking this question, where does one buy 4.6, so thanks for the answer. The vast majority of your articles are excellent I have used your info on AR Builds, 300 blackout, and buying CMP Rifles. Thank You for good useful content.

  8. avatar CountdeMonet says:

    I love Prvi Partisan. They make some of the best off the shelf 8×57 for my Gew. 98. And it’s allllllmost reasonably priced.

  9. avatar g says:

    Which guns have 4.6 conversions? ARs?

  10. avatar Heintron says:

    I have seen Canadians with a semi 5 round MP7

  11. avatar joe says:

    Fiocchi makes some good ammo at very reasonable prices in hard to find calibers.I have a Browning HP in 30 Luger and Fiocchi ammo is available from Graf&Sons cheap and they don’t charge shipping-just a $5.95 handling fee regardless of the size of the order.They also have a nice selection of 38 Super which is justifiably making a comeback-the late Jeff Cooper thought a lot of the round but bemoaned the lack of hollow point ammo.That’s no longer an issue-nor the headspace issues of days gone by.38 Super is flat shooting,accurate and there are some awesome loadings out there-like by Corbon.Fiocchi for practice is a-ok.

  12. avatar ogre says:

    There are some legally owned MP7s up here in Canada, maybe Fiocchi is throwing us a bone haha.

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