Why I Hate Halloween

  Halloween. How great is that? At the risk of sounding party pooper paranoid, this is the night that I let total strangers—many of them full grown teens disgorged from non-local mini-vans—sashay up to my doorstep wearing disguises. Where I use both hands to fork over a type of food that I normally parcel out […]

New Pistol Caliber Carbine: Aero Survival Rifle

TNW Firearms just released their brand new firearm to the world, and it looks like they designed it with pilots in mind. Specifically, survival once their plane crashes. Although I suppose it would be good for backpacking as well. Anyway, what we have here is a survival rifle in 9mm (although able to do 40 […]

This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Mexican Mass Murder Edition [Pics NSFW]

  Translation of an article in milenio.com, republished with permission from borderlandbeat.com: Mexico • 24,102 people: the equivalent of half a football stadium or a medium-sized town is the approximate number of bodies that have gone to the grave at the end of the current administration. And most importantly, it is a highly conservative estimate. […]

Just Arrived: Varmint Target

I returned from my honeymoon to find a present waiting for me from Varmint Target (pretty thoughtful of them since they weren’t invited to the reception). I promptly set it up for coworkers and their NERF guns. Expect a full review soon. Die prairie dog, die!

Gun Review: Sig Sauer SP2022

Sig designed the SP2022 (a.k.a., SIG Pro 2022) as France’s replacement for the aging PAMAS handgun (licensed copies of the Beretta 92FS). Le Sig built the SP2022 for a service lifetime of 20 years, hence the model designation. Just to keep the two’s in fashion, Les Français began replacing the older Sigs with the newer nine in […]

New From LaserLyte: Kryptonyte Center Mass Laser

LaserLyte’s latest entry into the green light laser landscape is the Kryptonyte Center Mass Laser. It projects a little constellation of eight dots arrayed in a circle around a center aiming point. Why? Because they can! Also because – as they say – the celestial configuration works better with rails longer than three inches and […]

New From SIG Sauer: The SMG

Tactical-Life.com has the scoop on SIG Sauer’s brand new SMG they’re working on. In a world dominated by the H&K MP5 its going to be a tough sell to get organizations to switch over to something new (heck, H&K is having trouble themselves with the MP7), but if the features are right, they might just […]

PMC X-TAC 5.56 Ammo Lights Up the Night…And the Day

by John Boch, president of Guns Save Life Low muzzle flash is one of the non-negotiable requirements of any good self-defense load. In October, at the GSL Defense Training Urban Rifle 101 course, one of our students was shooting PMC X-TAC 5.56 XP-193 ammo in his stock Ruger SR-556 rifle. We noticed some muzzle-flash during […]