What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Close Encounters Edition


  1. avatar JoshinGA says:

    Or, you get shot because you dont move fast enough because you’re a OFWG.

    1. avatar Michael B. says:

      Or you get shot because what kind of armed robber is going to act like a total pushover and do nothing when you grab their gun? The best way to get someone off your gun is to shoot them off it.

      1. avatar JoshinGA says:

        “What could possibly go wrong?” Everything, culminating in you getting shot.

    2. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

      I bet they drive those vans behind them.

  2. avatar Adam says:

    What a tool……

  3. avatar jwm says:

    Couple of points. Don’t lead with your gun. A legitimate DGU is going to be up close and personal. Keep Your gun close in to your body in your dominate hand and keep the other hand loose for bloocking or punching.

    As we’ve seen in more than one shooting reported on at this sitewhen it’s close like this and it will be, autos have jammed because there’s not enough clearance for the slide to cycle. Full size service grade guns give your opponent too much to grab on.

    That’s why I prefer a j frame snubbie. To steal someone else’s line ” it’s everything you need in a self defense gun and nothing you don’t need.”

    1. avatar pat says:

      Yeah, its easy to knock a semi out of battery by pressing the front of the slide at the muzzle. Another reason revolvers are good, especially with wild animals that could bear (literally) down on you at skin to fur touching.

  4. avatar ST says:

    That’s about as suicidal as it gets.

    In real life, you don’t run toward the guy with the gun.
    Had that been a real life incident, our brave ninja would be bleeding from a contact gunshot wound to the chest.

  5. avatar Scott says:

    Just a couple of points.
    1.) You opponent probably isn’t going to be that docile and unresponsive.
    2.) By the time you get that close you are probably already going to be leaking important fluids.

    1. avatar elnonio says:

      Y’all assume the good guy is charging the bad guy. Bad guys can just as easily be the ones charging over the good guy to further intimidate.

      The way we were trained for this kind of disarm was to push to the outside of the perp. Noticed that the “assailant” here had his trigger finger outside the trigger guard? He was trained to do that for a reason. The reason is that with a disarm to the other side, one added benefit is that you are likely to break the trigger finger as you do the disarm. So no, these guys aren’t complete amateurs.

  6. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    So I’ll entertain his reality for a bit, but I have one question (ok, one question with two parts) – How can you assume you will be that close to him and what happens when he moves backwards, with your forwards movement, while yanking the bang-switch as fast as his finger will move (which is faster that you can move, btw)?

    1. avatar Doug says:

      Well each technique you train in wrestling, boxing, judo, brazillian jiu jitsu, whatever, begins with an assumption: that you have somehow arrived in the position that the technique begins with.

      That part of the video I’m OK with – standing at arm’s reach from a guy holding a gun on you. The rest of the ‘technique’ is where it gets stupid. He wraps his left hand over the slide. If our guy is going to shoot you, he’s going to flinch when you start going all Mall Ninja on him and he’s probably going to pull the trigger on the weapon, which means a reciprocating slide in this case chewing your hand up. Which means you’ll lose control of the gun and when the bad guy scrambles because you’re pouncing on him, he will slip away from you and then plug you.

      Anyone that has fought or trained competitively, be it grappling, striking, or both, should be able to see why this video is stupid. You train on sort of a flow chart – if you do this and he reacts with A, do X. If he reacts with B, do Y etc. These ‘one-steps’ are useless and don’t help anyone.

      Nevermind that there’s no actual technique in this video beyond grabbing the slide of a gun that has some scumbag’s finger on its trigger. No thanks.

  7. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    +1000 – I was thinking this guy was a Rex Kwon Do Graduate.

    1. avatar Biofire says:

      +1000 to your +1000. One question: would that move work if the gun was held sideways? 🙂

      1. avatar APBTFan says:

        Same here. Immediately thought of Rex Kwan Do. Hopefully his wife/girlfriend is better looking than Starla.

        1. avatar Biofire says:

          Serious kudos for remembering her name.

        2. avatar APBTFan says:

          Her image and name was unfortunately burned into my mind after watching that flick.

  8. avatar Montesa_VR says:

    Oh come on, guys. If someone was stupid enough to hold a gun on you six inches from your chest, would you just let them shoot you rather than trying to take the gun away? And if you are holding the gun, I hope it’s magical like Dirty Harry’s so it blows the guy backwards, because even if you shoot the guy it doesn’t mean you live.

  9. avatar Bob says:

    You better have practiced it a 1000 times, so you can actually do it that fast. If you aren’t fast enough, the bad guy will have time to react, and then you will have a sucking chest wound.

    You will need some other tactic, if the bad guy is not that close.

  10. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    Looks pretty cool until you get a new hole in your dumb ass because you screwed up the fancy moves.

  11. avatar Kyle says:

    If you have to tell people you’re “world famous” you’re probably not.

  12. avatar Saren says:

    Teach those fancy moves to a grandma. Or a person in a wheelchair. Those moves are, in essence, just that: fancy moves (to impress the ladies). If you’re not in the age and strength group that can easily and comfortably make them, they’re in essence useless and just one step above a carnival act.

  13. avatar Chas says:

    “I want to clear this thing where the bad things come out”

    WTF?? Is this “Mr. Rogers does kiddie karate”? What an idiot.

  14. avatar Greg says:

    There are way better techniques. Way better, that stated, no matter what you do get the muzzle off line first.

  15. avatar GS650G says:

    If these two are that close together it’s too late for firearms.

  16. avatar DerryM says:

    Gosh…I thought in this kind of situation you were supposed to drop the 5000 lb. weight, or release the Tiger…unless he has a pointed stick…

    1. avatar jwm says:

      +1 for Monty Python. “attack me with the banana.”

  17. avatar Joe says:

    “That’s how easy it is!” Just like in teaching knife disarms, it instills an dangerous overconfidence. A couple of years ago, a “Systema knife expert” was stabbed to death in Chicago. Things just don’t go down the way you expect. People can be incredibly amped even if not on drugs. They can roll, flail, go straight down, all kinds of unexpected stuff. I’d like to see the guy holding the gun resist, try whatever he can think of, with a gun that shoots something non-lethal.

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