Incendiary Image of the Day: Phra Rahu, Sniper Edition

“The image of Rahu with the sniper rifle has become the talk of the town,” reports. “A senior monk at the temple said tourists and others were flocking to its new pavilion to take a look and get photos of the painting. The painting, called ‘infinite universe’, was the work of Pirapong Khunchit, a well-known artist who was among leading painters selected to take part in restoring a hall in the Grand Palace in 1980 . . . The assistant abbot said the depiction was aimed at teaching a dharma concept. He said Phra Rahu was a semi-god and semi-demon. When blinded with anger and lust, he transformed from a god into a demon and in this case used the sniper rifle, firing it at the earth and causing hurt to others.” You have been warned.


  1. avatar spymyeyes says:

    Please tell me what land-mass is depicted by this guy?

    Is that supposed to be the earth and if so, when/where is it?

    1. avatar CinSC says:

      I think that’s Malaysia at the tip of the peninsula, with India being the little ‘bump’ halfway up the coast. Perhaps he used an ancient map as his source?

      1. avatar spymyeyes says:

        I thought that as well, but then where is the med, the black sea, the red sea, the nile?

        1. avatar Gyufygy says:

          It’s a surreal painting about a half-god/half-demon with a sniper rifle taking pot shots at the planet, and you’re wondering about geographic accuracy? 😉

          (Leaning towards South and Southeast Asia, myself.)

        2. avatar CinSC says:

          I Don’t know about the Med, the Black or the Red, and I just try not to think about the Nile.

          Seriously though, with that crummy cheek-weld, I don’t see how he can get much accuracy out of that thing anyway.

          Also, what caliber for world?

    2. avatar Aharon says:

      The Middle East, where else?

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Artist Pirapong Khunchit musta been trippin’. His painting looks like “Starry Night” meets “American Warrior II.”

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