Art of Manliness Recommends .045mm For Concealed Carry


Just this morning I was preparing an article on concealed carry for beginners: Caliber, Comfort and Concealment. That’s gonna have to wait. The has just published The Stylish Man’s Guide to to Concealed Carry. I could quibble about some of their advice, but it’s a first-rate effort. The real news here: Antonio recommends a .045mm handgun. Apparently it’s a gentleman’s best defense against rabid squirrels. How the shoulder holster is supposed to work is anyone’s guess. One also wonders of the appearance of this 1911-style fingergun indicates a move away from the more traditional .9mm handgun.


  1. avatar Wade says:

    AOM is an excellent website, and is right behind TTAG in my daily website-cruising sked. I think you misunderstood Antonio, he was making a point.

    1. avatar Wade says:

      Also, I think he was trying to dumb it down a little for the not so gun-savvy readers.

    2. avatar Aharon says:

      AOM is an interesting site and I have visited it on and off for years. The AOM does need to do a better job of informing and preparing men about the dangers and penalties of dating, modern marriage version 2.0, alimony, child support, false allegations, and other social/workplace biases against men in modern society.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Okay, I’m old school. And old. But I think that “the stylish man” and “the manly man” are worlds apart. If you can’t pass a mirror without checking out your coiffure or adjusting the dimple in your foulard, you ain’t manly. If you think that plaid is for Saturday night and camo is for during the week, you ain’t stylish. See what I mean?

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      Well, since I don’t have enough hair left to check and stopped wearing ties years ago, I guess I don’t have much to worry about. Maybe making sure my fly is closed-I so detest being laughed at. . .

  3. avatar jwm says:

    That holster looks like the new “crotch concealment” super agent rig. Johnson
    edition. Requires the assistance of a specially trained South African bikini model to adjust and install properly.

    But, I could be wrong. I’d have to drop trou to see if it was an exact match.

  4. avatar Roll says:

    Is this Papa Smurf’s ccw rig? I suggeted a Comptac holster, but whatever…

  5. avatar AaronW says:

    Certainly better than the fellow who wrote into Esquire some years back. One of their readers asked their Syle Editor about fashionable clothes + concealed carry. Instead of being given sartorial advice he was instead brushed off and told “you shouldn’t be carrying concealed, period.”

    1. avatar KCK says:

      Bond,,,,James Bond!

  6. avatar bontai Joe says:

    That looks a lot like a rig for a G.I. Joe action figure. And we all know that G.I. Joe is manly (or he would have been called a doll like Ken instead of an action figure)

  7. avatar Bob says:

    I don’t think that is a .0045 mm, because that gun would require a microscope to find the trigger and the sight radius would be impossibly short. Did you mean a .045 caliber (45 thousandths of an inch)?

    Actually I think that is one of those .9mm guns we have heard so much about, because it is about the right size for it. Were you able to read the caliber through the ejection port on the outside of the chamber?

  8. avatar Buzzy243 says:

    I intentionally avoid “looking sharp” when carrying. I mean, who is going to rob someone who’s dressed like a poor engineering student? Also, cargo pants hold all of my electronics, spare mags, flashlights, and other accessories better than fashionable clothing.

  9. avatar Jeremy says:

    Of all places, you’d think TTAG would do their best to not blatantly misreport an article, lest we tire of hearing of places being shot up with “automatic assault machine gun rifles.” While the stated article may not be the best guide to CCW, they do a fair job of presenting a beginner’s guide.

    The quote with the above picture from AOM, “Although easy to conceal, the mosquito gun is ineffective against anything larger than a squirrel.”

    Stay classy TTAG, please don’t break your credibility by poorly reading articles.

  10. avatar gabba says:

    cocked and unlocked huh?

  11. avatar Kelly in GA says:

    This looks like it’d be great to prick your finger if you were diabetic. Might be hard to remove the bullet, though.

  12. avatar IdahoPete says:

    Ooohhhhhh – it’s almost a Velo-Dog revolver! Only it should be in 4.5mm!

  13. avatar TwinReverb says:

    I don’t see where, on this website, he recommends .045 mm or any other accidental screw-up while referring to .45 ACP. What gives?

    AOM has something TTAG doesn’t have, and in spades: class. The authors at TTAG would be wise to emulate their style, how they can tell the truth and weed out the BS without sounding like a teenager.

  14. avatar Dave says:

    Bright side is our ladies who frequent this site can now ccw while wearing a bikini, although open carrying a gun while wearing a bikini would be SO much hotter.

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