Ambushed CIA Officers Leave Mexico Without Providing Statements

Two U.S. officials wounded last week when assailants thought to be Mexican federal police opened fire on their vehicle have left the country without giving statements to investigators, Mexico’s attorney general said. “They must first be in the appropriate conditions to be able to do it. It will be done at the right time, once they are in shape for it,” Marisela Morales told reporters, adding that the U.S. government is fully cooperating with the probe. The safety and health of the two men is the primary consideration, she said. Neither the U.S. or Mexican government has provided any details about the wounded Americans, but . . .

The New York Times reported that both men are CIA officers.

Though 12 federal cops are being held in connection with last Friday’s incident in the central state of Morelos, the Mexican attorney general said she would not discuss possible suspects “so as not to obstruct the investigation.”

“It will be with scientific evidence that we will solve this very sensitive case,” she said.

Morales also declined to comment on the U.S. government’s description of the events as an ambush, saying only that “there are various lines of investigation.”

Federal police were engaged in anti-crime operations at the time of the assault on the U.S. Embassy vehicle, a Toyota SUV with diplomatic plates, the Mexican government said last Friday in a statement.

The Americans and a Mexican navy official were traveling on a stretch of unpaved road en route to a navy installation at El Capulin mountain when they encountered “a vehicle whose occupants brandished guns,” the statement said.

The driver of the Toyota “maneuvered to get away and re-enter the highway, the moment in which the occupants of the aggressor vehicle opened fire on the diplomatic vehicle.”

Soon, according to the statement, “three other vehicles joined the pursuit and fired gunshots at the U.S. Embassy vehicle.”

[Republished from with permission. Source: EFE]


  1. avatar Aharon says:

    Those futuristic dark sci-fi films and books of a collapsed America are happening in real life south of us and moving northward across our border. Don’t worry because your government has a plan to solve the problem. You do trust your government to do the right thing, don’t you?

  2. avatar Snachnim says:

    Good to know the agents are recovering. Wish them a speedy return to health.
    Appropriate conditions means their CIA debriefing. Appropriate time means once the CIA cleans it up they will get a generic 300 word statement.
    The only person who might give an actual accounting of the crime will be the naval officer. The police who were arrested may or may not get tossed under the bus for this, but my guess is they will be released after a short time and return to work with a stern talking too!
    I hear rumors that the DNC is opening with an Islamic prayer. Hopefully all the networks will carry this. It should sway the vote pretty heavily in Romney’s favor. At least I know it would me.

    1. avatar hmmmmm says:

      So which ethically sourced, reliable news source stated that the DNC would open with a muslim prayer then? Rush? Hannity? When you take off your republican dunce’s hat does the idea that Obama would actually start the DNC with a muslim prayer really sound in any way likely? It would be more likely for Mitt to start the RNC with a salute to the Klan. Honestly, just state even one reason that Obama could give himself to justify the political suicide that would be – just one.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:


        If you see a flame, please email a link to [email protected]

  3. avatar 07duallydog says:

    I hear that prayer has been cancelled and it has been taken off their schedule.

    1. avatar Snachnim says:

      LMAO, I bet Biden was threatening to walk off stage hahahaha…

  4. avatar Little John says:

    guys they do not care about us in the USA. you know there are muslim brotherhood holding high ranking position in the home land security right now…. they have above top secret clearances so they can see everything and anything about our military, nasa, FBI and anything else. They have all the information needed to over throw our way of life right now…… the same muslim brotherhood who are killing people in Egypt right now, crusifying them on trees, crosses and what ever, anyone who will not take the muslim way of life is dieing at the hands of the muslim brotherhood….. google muslim brotherhood and see what they believe in and their oath…… it says it all……

    1. avatar hmmmmm says:

      I know it’s early but I think today’s “Armed Intelligentsia” award safely goes to Little John.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    the Mexican attorney general said she would not discuss possible suspects “so as not to obstruct Los Zetas.”

    There. All fixed.

  6. avatar tdiinva says:

    Why would expect a statement from people who for a secret orginization? Isn’t the point of being secret not to talk to the press?

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