Irresponsible Gun Owner of The Day: Richard Zentz

Richard Zentz

There’s stereotype we face as gun owners. Ask any anti, and they’ll tell you about the old white guy, cop wannabe, wearing his gun on his belt for all to see. He’s a hair trigger, locked and loaded and ready to go off at the first opportunity to defend life and limb. Nothing would bring more joy to his heart than plugging a bad guy with his Glock, basking in the accolades of a thankful citizenship. Hell, there might even be a ticker-tape parade in it for him . . .

Sadly, there are some gun owners out there with just this mindset. We’ve seen their YouTube videos; open carry screeds meant to inflame any LEO within earshot. We read editorials and reader comments in our local papers and shake our head at the occasional, “I got seven rounds right here for all the Muslims/hippies/reptilians ruining our country!” I haven’t really put a face to all the crazies hanging out at the fringe of the gun owners’ bell curve. Until now. Meet Richard Zentz, today’s irresponsible gun owner.

Zents was arrested last August for, “aggravated unlawful use of a weapon on his person.” Even though Halloween was a couple of months away, Zentz decided to visit his bank all dressed up in his DEA Agent costume, gun included. As you can see in the picture above, he’s wearing a DEA shirt, emblems on the pocket and sleeve. He even had a DEA badge.

His plan to play LEO dress-up was going pretty well until someone recognized him and, knowing he wasn’t DEA, called the police. In a town less than a hundred miles from Chicago, it didn’t take long for things to turn turtle for Zentz. He was arrested as he left the bank, obviously sad that he couldn’t play cops with the big boys (I mean, just look at that face; he’s devastated!).

Zentz must know a pretty good lawyer; somehow he ended up with only two years probation, a couple grand in fines and weekly dates with a piss cup (and gun-free, of course). Twenty miles east and he’d be lucky they didn’t perforate him on arrest.


  1. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Depending on his history, it may just be that he has developed some mental health issues. While its easy to make fun of people like that go off the rocker, it could happen to anybody, esp. in these trying economic times. I’m not a proponent of big government and big spending, but I do think that mental health issues get ignored in America. In my estimation, there are lots of people in prison that really should be getting mental health treatment instead.

  2. avatar RIGHT! says:

    How’d you find my picture!

  3. avatar Snachnim says:

    Wow ok yeah he is an idiot. Not sure why he thought it would be funny or something. He is lucky though. Things could have turned out a lot worse.

  4. avatar Accur81 says:

    He couldn’t just wait till Halloween? I dressed up as Lt. Dangle and the Mrs. was cat woman. Good times until the police showed up to our party. Drunk people don’t have a volume control…

    1. avatar matt says:

      Good times until the police showed up to our party. Drunk people don’t have a volume control…

      Its always nice to know that LEOs are upstanding citizens who don’t cause trouble, abide by the law, and don’t hold others to a standard that they themselves don’t meet. Did you ask for a professional courtesy too?

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Nope. He told us to turn down the music, and we did, and that was that.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Zents should wear his cute little DEA outfit on his next vacation in Cuernavaca. He’ll either get shot or bribed. Or both.

  6. avatar Dean Weingarten says:

    So a citizen dresses up like one of the favored classes, hurts no one, and gets hit with a pretty severe penalty for it.

    Perhaps he was irresponsible, thinking that he could get away with it.

  7. avatar Derek Dauma (formerly Other Derek) says:

    So you lump in lawful OC with someone impersonating LEO?

    If someone has a problem with me exercising my Civil Rights, then that is their problem not mine. Any LEA/department that has a problem with that should be repeatedly trolled and sued until they comply with the Constitution and treat citizens with respect.

    I guess what you wrote must make sense in your conciliatory anti-Rights mind.

    Your bias is showing.

    1. So you lump in lawful OC with someone impersonating LEO?

      No, that would be Mr. Zentz; he’s the one that dressed as a DEA agent, strapped on his legal OC, then walked into a bank.

      I have no problem with anyone OC, if they do it lawfully. My entire state, except for municipalities is OC, and I open carry pretty much whenever I go rural. But I do it by the law. Zentz broke at least two, apparently, hence the IGOTD award. I can’t stick up for a guy that makes us all look bad, sorry.

      1. avatar Derek Dauma (formerly Other Derek) says:

        “open carry screeds meant to inflame any LEO within earshot.”

        ANY LEO opposed to the exercise of a Civil Right deserves to be sued, along with his or her department.

        If they allowed the FREE EXPRESSION of our Civil Rights there would be nothing to “inflame.”

        However instead our rights are trampled (not in my state, thankfully, but elsewhere) for some Marxist “Common Good” BS.

        Just walking down the street with a firearm, ANY FIREARM, should never be grounds for contact. Ever. Totally unacceptable.

    2. Derek Dauma,

      Any Law Enforcement Agency in its right mind is concerned about who claims to be a member of it.

      1. avatar Derek Dauma (formerly Other Derek) says:

        See the above post–I do not have a problem with the arrest for Impersonating.

        It’s the knock on people who live in areas with police forces that would seek to wipe their buttocks with the Second and choose to stand up for their Civil Rights that I have a problem with.

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