Destined for Success: AK-47 Flip Flops

“Rather than another product to sell that looks good or feels good or is the new fashion, there’s a product with a story to be told and people want to be part of that story.” Cause people never consider comfort, design or style when buying shoes, right? But that’s the lukewarm elevator pitch Combat Flip Flops honcho Andrew Sewrey gave for his new venture’s primary product – Afghan flip flops. “(The AK-47) is the weapon of choice for the military and what not, so we put a AK-47 bullet primer around the strap.” Want something a little less ballistic? He has other designs, too . . .

To commemorate the land he grew to love, Sewrey’s Afghan workers are also stitching together $65 flip flops with chrome poppy “hood ornaments.” None of the new venture’s products seem to be in stock on their web site, so it looks like Afghanistan will just have to continue getting the bulk of its revenue from the heroin trade until Sewrey can get his operation tooled up.


  1. avatar Mike S says:

    Do I really live in a world where people pay $65 for f***ing flip flops?

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      Dunno. I’m still trying to figure out what a “bullet primer” is.

      1. avatar Sammy says:

        $65 only because everybody’s broke. In good times $15 max.

        1. avatar Joe Grine says:

          Yeah.. gonna have to get that price point down. Maybe they are filling them up with heroin prior to importation.

      2. avatar Peritas says:

        Really? Perhaps you should read more about firearms, or go to a gunsmithing school. Everybody else seems to understand that colloquialisms like “clip” actually mean “magazine”, and that “bullet” can often refer to a “cartridge”.

        1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          Perhaps you should drop the smug, superior tone. Words have meaning in the English language. Use them improperly and see how quickly people misundertand you. Use them properly and you’ll be amazed at how well you are understood.

        2. avatar IdahoPete says:

          And no matter which firearms book you read (I recommend “Cartridges of the World”), or which gunsmithing school you go to, a “bullet primer” is the shiny little cup-shaped metal thing in the center of the cartridge case head, containing a percussion- ignitable compound that sets off the powder in the cartridge case. It is NOT a cartridge case head with a primer seated in it. Which is what this guy is imbedding in cheap sandals so he can sell them for $65 to his trendy wanna-be-bad customers.

          There is a reason why people use technical jargon in technical discussions – it avoids misunderstanding and flat-out wrong information. Ask a doctor if there is any difference in the treatments for bacterial pneumonia versus viral pneumonia.

        3. avatar Peritas says:

          Words have meaning in every language. But that’s really the issue, isn’t it? When people use colloquialisms like ones I mentioned above, it’s clear what what their intent is and it’s clear what they’re referring to. There’s no misunderstanding or chance of miscommunication.

          It’s clear that you understood “bullet primer” to be a regular primer, just as everybody else did. So why feign ignorance? Is it a sense of superiority or smugness that you think know more about firearms than the other individual? It clearly wasn’t about miscommunication, so why be a gun nazi about it?

        4. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

          Because that’s what gun nazis do.

        5. avatar IdahoPete says:

          Oops, your bad! The first one to use the term “Nazi” in an argument admits that they have lost the argument.

        6. avatar Robert Farago says:

          Wait ’til you see my next post on Libya . . .

    2. avatar Rigopr says:

      For the mall ninja! I will stick calling my pair the jerusalem cruisers.

  2. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    Made in Kabul? I’m pretty sure I have already paid for several pairs of those.

  3. avatar OHgunner says:

    Are the primers live? Those little bastards got some pop to em if you hit them just right! Lessons from the reloading bench…

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    Flip-flops will never replace heroin as Afghanistan’s leading industry.

  5. avatar Gunuck says:

    A chrome poppy? Really? Isn’t that in incredibly poor taste?

  6. avatar bontai Joe says:

    $65?????!!!! Really???!!! I can get actual shoes for less than that.

    1. avatar Peritas says:

      Yes, but they wouldn’t be cutting-edge urban hipster chic. Your fellow Starbucks employees would laugh at you, and they may not even work on your fixed-gear bicycle.

  7. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

    I usually pay at least a hundred bucks for my Afghani AK-47 flip-flops.

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