Brown Signs Bill Outlawing Open Carry of Long Guns

Continuing in the California tradition of attacking the state’s really big problems, Governor Moonbeam signed a bill on Friday that bans long gun open carry. Assemblyman Anthony Pantload Portantino says he wrote the bill after protestors began carrying long guns to protest an earlier Golden State law that outlawed the open carry of unloaded handguns. […]

How Dangerous is Your Average Gun Store?

Ever wonder why some fun stores won’t let you carry loaded guns on the premises? And some even prohibit outside gats altogether? You’ll read some cranky Armed Intelligentsia comments on the subject here from time to time. But incidents and accidents like this, from, may have something to do with those policies: “An employee […]

The Most Useless Rifle You’ll See All Day

I was watching Sniper again last night (the first one, the good one), and noticed something damn near hilarious. When Berringer and Mr. Douchebag are hiding out waiting to take their shot, a bunch of apparently bad-ass guys roll up in a crappy Land Rover. When they hop out, the camera guy really focuses on […]

Game Review: Borderlands 2

There seems to be an unfortunate trend in first person shooter games these days. Namely, they all seem to be trending towards the hyper-realistic military shooter. Like the Call of Duty series or Medal of Honor or Battlefield 3 or…I could go on, but I think you get the point. The big names all, at […]

Gun Rights Policy Conference: Emily Miller Hates Glocks

  No question: Emily Miller was the belle of the Conference ballroom. The Washington Times scribe’s speech—detailing her transition from gun ignorant to America’s number one firearms newbie—was humble, funny, passionate, informative, inspirational and educational. Emily’s hands may be smaller than Barbie’s but she had an entire room eating out of them right from the […]