Obscure Object of Desire: Pink Cobra Cuffs

Two disclaimers. First, I’m not into bondage. Second, TTAG has discussed the dangers of detaining a bad guy. Doing so with ready-to-go law enforcement grade handcuffs might get the prosecutor thinking vigilante. OK, so, “The Cobra Cuffs are compact, foldable and easy to store on a MOLLE system or tactical vest. The cuffs allow the officer to quickly restrain a suspect without undue manipulation while the riveted straps provide extra leverage to control suspects. A double-lock reduces liability due to any accidental over-tightening common with standard zip ties. The tactical, pick-proof double cuff comes in a variety of colors for color coding suspects during large arrest or detainment situations.” And what could be more humiliating than pink handcuffs? I wonder why the company chose to show basic black?


  1. avatar jwm says:

    bejeebus. mall ninja or serial killer, take your pick.

    1. avatar Gyufygy says:

      Or really kinktastic.

  2. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Robert: black is always in fashion, if not as a main color, then definitely in an accessory. . .

    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      Just add perls and bamm!!! You are ready for a night out!!

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    If I ever need to detain a pink cobra, this is what I’ll use.

    Oh, wait. A cobra has no wrists.

  4. avatar Josh in GA says:

    Hmmm. These dont look like their soft, fluffy, and covered in faux fur. Not my style of pink cuffs.

  5. avatar Jeff O. says:

    I really think you should have used this photo.


    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      Hey now there are multiple uses for cobra cuffs!
      Kinda like duct tape it is a multipurpose tool, love it!

  6. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Now if you look carefully, cobracuffs are available in many of this seasons most distinguished colors. Just because you are being naughty, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while doing it!!! 😉
    The next time Paris Hilton, Snooky, or one the the Cardashians is arrested, look for these fashionable restraints to adorn their wrists!

  7. avatar Bill F says:

    Pink handcuffs, approved by Sheriff Joe.

  8. avatar IdahoPete says:

    “Doing so with ready-to-go law enforcement grade handcuffs might get the prosecutor thinking vigilante.”

    Duct tape. LOTS of duct tape. Start with a heavy-duty cable tie around the wrists to secure the hands, then tape that sucker from head to toe – leaving a hole for breathing, of course.

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