ATF to Gun Store Owners Facing Hurricane Issac: Lock Up Your Guns


I’m a big fan of eyebrow work. Would Leonard Nimoy have become an icon without displaying the power of an arched eyebrow [h/t to Loudon Wainwright III]? ATF Special Agent Ben Hayes’ eyebrow work is a bit too random for this connoisseur and OMG does he prattle on. You can skip the first 3:41 (our of 5:45) without missing a thing. At some point before the words “Let’s begin” Hayes tells gun dealers they shouldn’t wait until the last minute to prepare for a natural or man-made disaster. Huh. The ATF emailed a press release with a link to this video today, four days after it was written, just hours ahead of Hurricane Issac’s landfall. Way to lead by example.


  1. avatar BLAMMO says:

    Four days?

    Let’s see; If we mail it right now, it will take four days. But since we’re emailing it, we can afford to wait.

    Why does that guy remind me of Snidely Whiplash?

  2. avatar Mike S says:

    The true usefulness of this video just became clear to me. All licensees in the path of a storm should purchase a small generator, and a monitor. Play this video on a 24hr loop at any possible point of ingress . Any potential looter will be rendered unconscious, ensuring the safety of inventory.

  3. avatar jwm says:

    to err is human. to screw up you need a computer. to really fvck up you need a buerocrat.

  4. avatar Snachnim says:

    Oh what a great way to get the word out! I am sure FFL dealers would probably have moved their inventory out of harms way, but geez.

  5. avatar Greg Camp says:

    Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help. Really–I have a lapel pin and a concerned look on my face.

  6. avatar Edwin Herdman says:

    I can’t wait to watch the news anchors standing at the seawalls. “Strong winds from the east, and look at all those seafront gun store owners frantically moving their inventory to the west! Will-They-Make-It-In-Time?” “Wow Bob, that really brings out the humanity of it all. Try to stay safe and dry, OK?” Somewhere, a news producer is bouncing off the walls in excitement.

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