Quote of the Day: Remedial Education Edition

“Although Mr. Bloomberg wants to ban “armor-piercing bullets,” he doesn’t seem to know much about them, either. First, nobody can get them legally for handguns except the police. Then the mayor claims that: “The only reason to have an armor-piercing bullet is to go through a bullet-resistant vest.” That is just not so. Rifles with standard ammunition often can penetrate such vests, because their bullets travel faster than those fired from handguns. Yet if the mayor had said that hunting rifles can penetrate these bullet-resistant vests, his comments wouldn’t have generated the same support. Mr. Bloomberg’s emotional responses are understandable. But facts matter. The mayor should take a private lesson from his police officers on gun basics.” – John Lott in today’s Wall Street Journal


  1. avatar Snachnim says:

    Well John said it and not me.
    This is the same mayor that bans large sodas but calls for a donut day, go figure!

    1. avatar Silver says:

      And says it’s not the government’s job to ban restaurants because of their beliefs, but it is the government’s job to tell you how much soda you can drink. A hamster has a better understanding than him of the US government’s intended role.

  2. avatar gemalo says:

    This is an elected(?) a##hole who claims Chik-Fil-A is discriminatory, but discriminates against armed citizens. Are we less equal than homosexuals? I can’t wait till him and Menino meet up with the Pink Pistols. They won’t know whether to shit or wind their watch.

    1. avatar OHgunner says:

      “Are we less equal than homosexuals?”

      Oddly enough, legally speaking, yes. Sexual orientation is a protected status, gun ownership isn’t. Funny world, ain’t it?

    2. avatar Will says:

      The Chik-Fil-A guy just stated his opinion: he didn’t believe in same-sex marriage. Then all of a sudden the Gay Lesbian Bi Transvestite types got their undies in a bunch over it and proclaimed the restaurant as discriminatory.

      Sorry, he has a right to believe that as much as those who believe the opposite and love to make a commotion. It’s all within the 1st Amendment.

      Saddest thing is I’ve heard of one lesbian working there, and feeling it was one of the better jobs they’ve had. From what I can tell, no member of corporate has made it known in any way that they felt that those wanting to participate in same-gender marriage/unions were less than white trailer park trash and were unwelcome. Leave it to those who want to make a mountain out of a mole-hill, especially when it disagrees with them. (AND part of that crowd is part of the crowd that screams for tolerance.)

  3. avatar the last Marine out says:

    You know he wants lots of media as he wants to be the next N.W.O. president , he fits the left liberal (Socialist) mold to a tee… facts never matter, tell lies after time , some start to believe it ,, How did he even get elected for anything… tells you the lies work…

  4. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Just another conveniently naive attempt to manipulate “the minions”. I’ve never seen the likes of him get bogged down by the facts. He must be going for Tyrant of the year with that amount to oppression he’s shoveling these day’s.

  5. avatar Sammy says:

    Here’s the good part. After 9/11 Mayor Rudy Giuliani, hoping to maintain stability of the city’s government, suggested extending the term limits for the Mayor of NYC (while in office) the hew and cry was defining. Under handed, exploiting the tragedy, Damn Republican!!! But along comes power grabbing Bloomy and:

    From CNN October 23 2008

    “The New York City Council on Thursday voted in favor of a bill that would extend term limits, allowing Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for a third term.

    The vote was 29 in favor and 22 against.

    Bloomberg, who introduced the measure, welcomed the council’s approval as the “right choice.””

    There was a 2 term limit on the position of NYC mayor for decades. I guess Bloomy fancys himself the second coming of FDR while Giuliani was portrayed as the anti-christ. No hypocrisy here.

    1. avatar drus says:

      Bloomberg is a “Damn Republican!!!” also.

      He threw money at the 29 Council Members’ pet projects. Look up how Christine Quinn and Allen Geerson (SP?) changed their votes after “thoughtful” deliberation. That is probably the saddest thing, the blatant showing of what money can do in Politics.

      as I mentioned to Dan, ”it is always about the money“ unless we get off our collective asses and start working and voting for who we want most instead of despise least.

      Luckily his reign of “error/terror“ is coming to an end….perhaps.

      The worst mayor in decades

      1. avatar rosignol says:

        Bloomers is a RINO who jumped into the R primary for Mayor because buying the R nomination would have cost him less than buying the D nomination.


  6. avatar Joseph says:

    There are some very dangerous people in the USA…Bloomberg is right up there at the top of the list.

  7. avatar Pascal says:

    So, if that does not scare you, imagine all these politicians making important legislation on the health and finances of this country and doing so with the same level of ineptitude. And they wonder why people have no faith in government.

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    If Herr Mayor Bozo ever becomes president then this site is going to be the first one his Nazi goons close down.

  9. avatar Chas says:

    Mayor Bloominidiot is such a TOOL.

  10. avatar jsallison says:

    “The mayor should take a private lesson from his police officers on gun basics.”

    That’s assuming that they’d be qualified to teach said lesson. I’mna thinkin, yeah, right.

  11. avatar Aharon says:

    Hey RF,

    How about starting up the blog The Truth about Michael Bloomberg. A section of the site can be called Bloomberg Gun Bloopers.

  12. avatar Greg Camp says:

    This makes me want to carry my CZ vz. 52.

  13. avatar Zack Pike says:

    Another example of ignorance leading to aversion of firearms.

  14. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    I dont see him suggesting he will forgo his armed escort. Why doesn’t the media attack that hypocrisy??

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