Personal Safety Tip: Watch Out For Noxious Gas Leaks

Optics Planet’s giving away a FLIR Scout PS-24 Thermal Camera and Imager. Buying one full bust-out retail will run you two grand, but think how cool it would be to have one for spotting game or intruders. And if those reasons aren’t good enough, the guys at OP — who may or may not have too much time on their hands — have helpfully dreamed up a few more creative uses for this nifty gizmo. Besides, who doesn’t like free stuff?


  1. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I can see me using this to look for heat loss in homes as a business.

  2. avatar Paul McCain says:

    I wish they would spend more time actually stocking items they claim to be selling. I’ve placed four orders with them and each time the item was backordered for weeks.

    1. avatar Brian W. says:

      Hi Paul,
      I’m sorry you’ve had problems with your past orders – we recently added stock availability to our website, so this shouldn’t be an issue any more. If you click “check-availability” under the “add to cart” button, it will tell you when the item will ship. It’s not perfect, but since we’ve implemented it, well over 90% of our orders have shipped within the estimated time frame or sooner. We sell well over 100,000 skus, so keeping everything in stock is not really possible. But I don’t know of anyone in our industry who has a wider selection of gear in stock within the categories we sell.

      1. avatar chip says:

        Paul, There must be something wrong on your website…It wont let me hit the enter button after having put in my e-mail address and checking the rules box. On another note, I have ordered several items from ya’ll recently and the only thing I dont like is the ability to browse your site. The categories are vague and unless I know exactly what I want it is hard to find. Just a random thought for you to ponder.

        1. avatar Brian W. says:

          I do appreciate the feedback on site navigation. If you need help finding something, our call, e-mail and chat teams can usually help. As far as the contest entry goes, it’s working in most browsers/operating systems/mobile devices, but you may have some combination we haven’t accounted for…if you let me know what you’re using, I can follow up on it. [email protected] Thanks.

        2. avatar Ralph says:

          @Brian W., the same thing happened to me recently. I ordered two items from OP, one of which wasn’t available even though the website said it was. Since the first item was 50 cents short of the magic ship-for-free number, OP held of on shipping any part of the order. That didn’t work for me since I had a time-sensitive need. I ended up cancelling the whole order and buying from Natchez Shooters Supply. I received my order from NSS in a couple of days.

  3. avatar GA EMT says:

    I’ve actually had really good experiences ordering (and returning) things from Optics Planet.

  4. avatar RIGHT! says:

    I’m on my second FLIR unit, the 19mm firearm optic far better than the early FLIRs

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