Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Port St. Lucie Man

In the latest junk shot to make the news, an unidentified Port St. Lucie, Florida man told police that – surprise! – he was just walking down the street minding his own bidness when somedood up and shot him in the huevos. You gotta know that cops hear this one at least three times a week. I’m guessing they have station pools going with the over/under for unsuspecting pedestrian shootings set somewhere around 2 1/2 each weekend. But upon further questioning . . .

…not to mention the telltale powder burns and that pesky angle-of-entry thing, the truth always comes out. Here, courtesy, is this guy’s leg-clenching description of what happened

The man later said he was at a friend’s home in the 200 block of Southeast Verada Avenue cleaning his .357 Magnum revolver when he “somehow accidentally shot himself in the groin and leg area,” a report states. He said he had a friend drive him to the hospital, where a doctor told police the bullet lodged in his thigh after striking his genitals.

Cleaning a revolver is pretty much an IQ test. While you can inadvertently leave one in a pistol’s pipe (and some make you pull the trigger to release the slide) that’s not the case with a revolver. No wheelgun forces you to make it click in order to open the cylinder. Never mind pointing it at the big Jim and the twins while you’re doing it.

So the Port St. Lucie police will have to excuse our skepticism about the “just cleaning my gun” story the schmoe with the newly exposed testicles fobbed off on them. Be that as it may, though, this little tale of woe is eminently IGOTD-worthy. The incrementally purer human gene pool we’ll all enjoy down the road is just a happy little side benefit.


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Please stop publishing stories of stupidity from within 10 miles of my childhood home.

    1. avatar Mashashin says:

      At this rate give it a generation and you won’t have to worry

  2. avatar JoshinGA says:

    Seriously, have these people never heard of “in a safe direction” before?

  3. avatar Corey says:

    Greeeeat, this isn’t far from me…maybe like 30 minutes. Personally, I’m not a big of saint lucie county…so this doesn’t surprise me. Idk about anyone else here, but I find it almost physically impossible to clean a revolver without unloading it (at the very least, open the cylinder). Something about this story definitely doesn’t smell right…

  4. avatar ST says:

    ***The man later said he was at a friend’s home in the 200 block of Southeast Verada Avenue cleaning his .357 Magnum*** -holy crap ,im not reading any more.

  5. avatar Silver says:

    I personally thought the IGOTD honors of today should go to a few certain NYPD officers.

    1. avatar ST says:

      I disagree. The NYPD officers aren’t responsible for the sorry training standards of the department itself. 50 rounds every 6 months rounds down to zero as far as shooting competency goes, but in that anti-gun area I doubt anyone except SWAT units and gangbangers know that.

      1. avatar Sig says:

        If I expected to carry a firearm and faced the possibility (not even the likelihood) of having to use it to defend myself, I would practice much more than that, whether someone else was paying for my ammunition or not. The consequences of failing to prepare are too great.

        Oh wait, I do. And I do.

        As a data point, I get to qualify once a year for the National Guard. I get 9 rounds to zero (more if I need them, but I don’t) and 40 to qualify, and then I clean the weapon to put in storage for next year. If we mobilize again, they’ll throw some money at us and we’ll get another qualification round, maybe even some actual live fire training. Maybe.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    again in the junk. you would think just 1 such event would be enough for guys to swear off that type of carry. oh, for the children! get a holster and keep your finger off the trigger.

  7. avatar John Fritz says:

    Rush will enjoy this news.

    1. avatar John Clancy says:

      Port St. Lucie, Florida – I think it’s something in the water. Rush is going to like this one.
      I NEVER point a gun at big Jim and the twins, NEVER! I also always carry in a quality leather holster so you won’t read about me here. At least not for that.

  8. avatar TDavis1338 says:

    All things considered, these guys are doing “The Children” a favor by rendering themselves incapable of fathering any…

  9. avatar DaveL says:

    I’m sure everyone here has heard stories of people accidentally discharging a firearm while cleaning it. I myself have heard literally dozens. Not one of them involved the accidental discharge of a cleaning rod or swab, or a chamber explosion due to the barrel being obstructed by cleaning material. Zero. Funny thing, that.

  10. avatar flboots says:

    well his stupidity will not be passed on.

  11. avatar Aharon says:

    It gets funnier:

    “The man said he bought the handgun from someone at a party more than a month ago. Police said the incident is an accident and that the man is not expected to face any criminal charges.

    Police went to the home and recovered the gun. While there, investigators found a small amount of marijuana. The home’s owner, Joseph Lamar James, 22, was arrested on possession of marijuana with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia charges”

    1. avatar jwm says:

      yep, this much stupid usually winds up connected to other bits of stupid.

  12. avatar bob says:

    Sounds alot like a kid i knew in high school except for the fact of gene pool removal( which everybody hoped for), he was “cleanning”a .357 magnum and kneecapped himself.

  13. avatar MotoJB says:

    Thank goodness…one of these idiots won’t be able to reproduce.

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    You guys always look for the worst in people. Isn’t it just as likely that the poor “unidentified man” was going through a religious conversion and attempted a .357 bris when things got out of hand? So to speak. I’m sure that the first words out of his mouth after shooting himself was a heartfelt prayer. So there you are.

    1. avatar Rich says:

      Ralph, you’re making a mountain out of a mohel hill…

      1. avatar racer88 says:


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