Olympic Pistol Shooting Explained


  1. avatar Mike in NC says:

    Hmmm… is the message “This video has been removed by the user” meant to be the explanation on some level?

    1. avatar Jeff O. says:

      Oooh. I get it…it’s supposed to be meta.

  2. avatar Geoff says:


  3. avatar colby says:

    try using this address for the video. It should work.

    youtube DOT com/watch?v=Fk-4maiu3hg

    Other wise just search

    USA Shooting Team – Keith Sanderson – NSSF Shooting Sportscast

    I think that is right

  4. avatar Jeff O. says:

    Wow it’s so refined it almost doesn’t sound fun.

    I’d imagine 3-gun would make an exciting Olympic sport…

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      It would go against European sensisbilities

    2. avatar Mike M. says:

      Refined, maybe. But it’s very, very hard to shoot any of the Olympic disciplines well. I compete in several (though not at an Olympic level), and they are a real challenge. The free pistol shooters will put 60 rounds into a group a size of a teacup – at 50 meters. Shooting with one hand.

      Good sport, if you like a real challenge. 🙂

  5. avatar J in Ga says:

    So what is that ‘most popular Olympic rapid fire pistol’?

    1. avatar Daniel says:

      That would be this:
      Can’t have anything that looks too much like an actual gun in the hands of a serf on British soil.

    2. avatar Inge says:

      Looks like it’s a Pardini SP1 Rapid Fire

      1. avatar Mike M. says:

        Yup. Pardini accounts for about 70% of the Rapid Fire pistols at this time.

  6. avatar memomachine says:

    I bet Cowboy Action Shooting would make their heads explode.

  7. avatar TM says:

    Thanks. I’m pretty new to competitive shooting, always like to learn.

  8. avatar comatus says:

    Fellers, the message yeer a-sendin’ the world here is, Yee-ha lookee, I jist got me a pistol! And having shot with quite a few of you, I can confirm that. Speak English and tell the truth: have you ever had the unmitigated balls to try it? Some people contrive and cultivate ignorance to cover up a fear of inadequacy (others, of course, come to it naturally). I’m sure that’s not true of any of y’all born-again pistoleros, no sirree. It just looks and sounds that way.

  9. Great sport, if you like a real challenge.

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