Critics Don’t Savage Savages


The reviews are in. Savages isn’t terrible. New York Times critic A. O. Scott reckons “Savages is a daylight noir, a western, a stoner buddy movie and a love story, which is to say that it is a bit of a mess. But also a lot of fun, especially as its pulp elements rub up against some gritty geopolitical and economic themes. Rather than grandstand about these, the filmmakers embed them in a story full of ambushes, betrayals and bloody reprisals, mostly carried out by an especially vivid cast of villains and double dealers.” TTAG review to follow. [Note: YouTube is on a copyright jihad at the moment. They’ve pulled all kinds of gun-related videos. Click here for official, non-embeddable trailer]


  1. avatar Sanchanim says:

    hhmm sex, drugs, guns, violence. Sounds like an American classic to me! lol

  2. He’s Oliver Stone, and he’s a paranoid psychotic.

  3. avatar Michael B. says:

    Blake Lively is too annoying for me, tbh. Plus the whole two guys with one girl thing? Are you ****ing serious?

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    So the New York Times thinks it’s a stoner buddy movie, a love story, a bit of a mess and lot of fun. Is that the Times’ review of “Savages” or the Obama administration?

  5. avatar BCB20 says:

    I knew I saw an LCR in the preview…

  6. avatar Wiebelhaus says:

    I’ve been looking out for this movie, the book was an old school crime anti-hero type thriller, I don’t know about all the rap music and stuff, I imagined mexicano/south of the border country type stuff when I read but, I guess they had to make it “hip” or whatever.

  7. avatar Ben Eli says:

    Other than the sex stuff looks great. I just don’t a bunch of half clad wannabe actors ruining a good ol’ blood and guts gorefest.

  8. avatar g says:

    Good ‘ol guns / drugs / crime flick. Classic American cinema.

    Been a fan of Mr. Benicio del Toro since “Usual Suspects” and he looks to be at his best… the role in this flick looks “Traffic”-esque. And Ms. Hayek seems to be aging like a fine wine!

    I agree with the Blake Lively = annoying, but Hollywood’s gotta whip the teenagers / college kids into a frenzy to see the latest flick, right?

  9. avatar Aharon says:

    I’ll skip the film, fattening popcorn, and soft drink, and go buy some more Hornady ammo. I don’t like supporting Hollywood with its support for anti-liberty politicians.

  10. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Selma Hayek is still looking hot. But I’ll wait until it hits the $5 bin at the local Boxmart.

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