New from Crimson Trace: Laserguard for the M&P Shield, Green Lasers

There’s just something about the M&P Shield that has people going gaga over it. Heck, even Tyler Kee and his ladyfriend are lusting after one. And of course Crimson Trace is right there, fueling the craze with their new Laserguard for the Shield which adds some much needed accuracy to the gun’s short sight radius. Also on display is a new green diode for the standard set of laser products. It was originally planned as a Zombie branded product, but instead is now being integrated into the standard lines as an option that’s WAY more visible in broad daylight than the normal red light.


  1. avatar Wiebelhaus says:


  2. avatar jwm says:

    i’ve always been a revolver man. i like s&w revolvers. recently bought a sigma and found i liked it almost as much as my makarov. it’s always a growing and learning curve with me. i’ve never used a laser sight. gonna have to try it. that whole package looks good.

  3. avatar Steve R says:

    Nice! When will this be available – I can’t find any other information about this new product for the S&W Shield… I want it now 😉

  4. avatar Dave says:

    Wonder if it’d work with the Galco holster I have for my Shield?

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