Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Virginian Standoff Edition

“He said, ‘Nobody move!'” said William Avaloa. “I was really nervous because you never know what’s going to happen.” That’s how the owner of a convenience store in Chesterfield, Virginia described a attempted robbery Saturday night just before closing after storms had knocked out his power. As quotes him, “I said, ‘You don’t move! Put your gun down, or I’m going to kill you! Down! Down! Down! Down!'” What he had on his hands was a standoff. And as he so accurately observed, in a situation like that, you don’t know what’s going to happen . . .

The daring move triggered the robber guarding the door to take off. The other suspect relinquished his gun on the counter. Niko, 17, William’s soon-to-be stepson, immediately grabbed it. His brother, Joshua, took hold of another shotgun mounted on the wall. “The guy (robber) basically ran out of the store,” said Joanna Rivera, Avaloa’s fiancé and mother of Niko and Joshua.

Whew. We’re not sure we could have shown the restraint Avaloa did while staring down the muzzle of a robber’s gun.

Avaloa says the weapons at he and his fiance’s store protect his family, and the life he’s trying to help provide them. “I don’t like to hurt anybody. I’m over here to work hard to make money to help my family,” said Avaloa, originally from El Salvador.

We don’t know what gun laws in El Salvador are like, William, but we’re glad you now live in a place where you have the right to own a gun to protect your store and your family. Just sayin’.



  1. avatar Jon R. says:

    Gotta love how the media always wants a picture of the gun owner holding his weapon after a DGU. yikes.

  2. avatar MotoJB says:

    Finger off the trigger William…finger off the trigger!

    1. avatar Napoleon says:

      No kidding. Watch that muzzle too.

  3. avatar 2Wheels says:

    How bad would it be if you shot your fiance while posing for the TV crew? Hope that gun was unloaded.

    Someone in Chesterfield watching this should offer the guy free gun safety/shooting lessons.

  4. avatar racer88 says:

    Holy crap…. he muzzled his own family for the camera shot. YIKES!

    Am I the only one who noticed the news anchor’s bias (against crime victims) when she led the story with, “Why did this store owner risk a shootout?”

    Perhaps the question should be, “Why did the maggot robbers risk a shootout?”

  5. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Ok trigger Nazi’s aside, at least he was able to save his business and family from harm.
    It is something to keep in mind. We all joke about a zombie apocolypse or something when in reality it could be something as simply as a power outage and storm which could cause people to loot and think they can get away with crimes. Sure no flesh eating undead, but having food supplies, fresh water, crank radios, shake flash lights all make a hell of a lot of sense. Of course being properly armed is important too.

  6. avatar Mark says:

    ‘I knew he was going to kill me,’ says 66-year-old woman who shot intruder in Flint

    1. avatar Guardian says:

      Wow! How does a perp not notice his victim carrying a gun case to the bathroom? Dude must have been on something. Good for her though! She should keep that heater a little closer.

  7. avatar GS650G says:

    The robbers should do that in the District, much less chance of shotguns and pistols being in the store.

  8. avatar brigo50 says:

    His step son was 17 years old and readily grabbed his fathers pistol off the counter? Why do I feel like this couldve been an IGOTD award? Or was because there was a robber who was no longer present it wasnt close to IGOTD?

    1. avatar Anthony Meruelo says:

      Does this site preach that every member of the family should be trained in the use of firearms, no matter their age (toddlers and babies not withstanding)?

  9. avatar Don says:

    I say this regular joe’s life was threatened and he saved himself and his family, so cut him some slack for his excitement and doing an action movie re-enactment for the local TV.

    1. avatar MotoJB says:

      Agreed…he just needs to keep his finger off the trigger during his “reenactment”.

  10. avatar Alan Rose says:

    He gave them more chances to kill him than I would have.

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