Quote of the Day: Ukrainian Interrogations Edition

“This is not a rogue set of cops; this is standard practice. It is what it is. It’s the utter terror of a wayward bureaucracy” – David Webber, photojournalist speaking to lensculture.com about Interrogations [h/t Don]


  1. avatar jlottmc says:

    What happened to this yesterday?

  2. avatar matt says:

    Big deal, worse stuff happens here in Chicago, google John Burge, they even shoved lamps up peoples asses. When I was a kid and spent a month at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center (Audy) I witnessed guards torture children. Although I didnt witness it, they would also setup blood sport between children as well, that is noted in plenty of reports online. And just recently the IL state legislature decided to remove the quarter million dollars of funding for the state torture investigation committee.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      That’s intense to read Matt. I lived in Crook err Cook County during my jr and high school years. I knew there was police brutality back though I never imagined it was as bad as you wrote about especially the juvenile hall violence. I sometimes wonder if and when that type or similar police-state behavior will occur here in an extreme overt way.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    The situation is no different here. Police torture always happens when nobody is watching the watchers, or when nobody cares. Torture to extract confessions from the innocent has been established police procedure everywhere since the dawn of time. Ever heard of the “Third Degree?” Brown v. Mississippi supposedly outlawed such coerced confessions in 1936, but it still happens every day in America. If you’d like to go back further, how ’bout that Inquisition? Ah, those were the good old days.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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